Words I couldn’t say…

Have you ever had your mind filled with words for a special person that you just couldn’t get yourself to tell them? Did you write that letter that you never sent? Or maybe you just had the words on your tongue every time you met the person?

I can put a check mark on all of the above, and I don’t think I’d be wrong to guess that most of us can at least agree to one of them.
A late night some weeks ago I watched something emotional on my netflix and I realized that I had a lot I wanted to say to a special person, and I didn’t want to risk not to have said it before it was to late. Because the truth is that all the people around us are just borrowed to us and we have no idea for how long. You could lose someone you love this second, and it might not be anything you can do about it. And to leave things unresolved, and never having the possibility to resolve them has to be the worst.

So I sat down and poured my heart out. I wrote several pages with words that has been hiding deep inside of me for many years. I cried a lot that night, but I went to bed with a tiny smile on my face. Because even though it was hard to write it, it also felt good to finally get it of my chest.
But the job was only half done. I also had to send it, which proved to be harder than I had first thought. It came to be a well traveled letter in the end. I had it in my purse when I went to Bodø, Turkey, Tønsberg and pretty much with me everywhere I went for a month. My purse felt heavier and heavier the longer the letter lingered there, but one day on my way home after picking up my son in kindergarden I found the strength somewhere in me to take it out from my purse and finally mailing it.
Days went and I finally got a text from this person. My hands where sweating and I was afraid to read it, but when I finally did I couldn’t help the little smile on my face and tears in my eyes. The person thanked me for being so honest and promised me a letter in return that I shouldn’t be afraid to read.

It might not turn out this well in all cases, but wouldn’t you rather have told and knowing than to never have told at all?

So today I dare you to say the words you couldn’t say! In a letter, in person or even in the mirror! We all have some things we wish we had said to someone, so why wait?


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