Geek Heaven Hands on The Game of the Year

After my boyfriend and I bought ourselves the new iPad this fall we’ve been actively searching for games that we can play together (other than yatzy and Ticket to Ride) but it’s not that easy.
We both love hidden objects games and the first one we found that we really enjoyed together was Drawn and Drawn 2.



We found it visually beautiful and with a lot of good puzzles and riddles. And it had a pretty good story to it as well.
After we finished the two we didn’t really find anything we liked for a while, but we started to hear talk about Fireproof Studios‘ game The Room and we decided to give it a try. We forgot it then for some time and finally downloaded it a couple of days ago.

The game is extremely well made. Visually it’s close to perfection! We enjoyed the puzzles and riddles and the fact that it only costed about a dollar made us feel that we got more than we paid for. But even though we were extremely happy discovering this game and fully understand that is was named the game of the year on the App Store, but there were still a few things we missed.
First off it could have been a lot longer, but we do understand that it takes time to make as visual games as this. So we do hope that they do come with more games like this.
Second, the finishing puzzle should (by experience) be one of the toughest but in this case the last chapter was just too easy. Everything up to that chapter was a good variation of difficulty levels, but we did expect a bit more of the ending to this well made game.



But all in all it’s a highly recommendable game to play either alone or together. Kudos to Fireproof Studios for making a visual beauty of a game! And congratulations on winning Game of the Year 2012!

Author: Christina de Vries

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