Oh!! For Heaven’s Sake!

Here’s me lashing out!

I went to Disney on Ice today with my son and my boyfriend and it was lovely! The show was amazing!

But one thing wasn’t. The kid on the row behind us who kept kicking in the back of our seats! I could hear the soft voice of the kids mother telling her to stop, but what do you know?? The earthquake in our backs kept coming.

What is it about some parents that thinks that they don’t have the time or need to discipline their children? This was of course a very small case that I encountered today, but in my years working in retail and cafes I’ve seen some of the absolute worst.

It’s easy to let oneself get angry at the disobedient kid, but it’s not really their fault. Sure, some of them are brats and act like our worst nightmares, but it’s not their fault that they’ve become like that. Somewhere along the road of growing up their parents forgot to take the exits to some of the essential moments of their upbringing. I’m not “let’s spank our kids”-old school at all, but I think that some discipline has to be in order for the kids to grow up to be reasonable and social grownups. Kids need boundaries! If they don’t have that of course they will run you over and do whatever pleases them.

I thought the amount of reality shows like Supernanny and The World’s Strictest Parents had taught us that by now, but I guess I was wrong!

I fully understand that kids with no boundaries thinks that it’s their right do whatever, whenever and however. They honestly doesn’t know any better at a young age if no one has taken the responsibility to teach them otherwise.

I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent, because no one is. But I do my best to teach my son good morals and to be polite.

He can be sassy from time to time, like any other, but he knows that there’s nothing to gain by being rude and mean.  I know that this cute little guy I now have living at home some day will move out and go out and try to make it in this world. I want him to it the right way. To work for what he wants and to be nice to the people he meets along the way of his life.

I try to discipline my son in the right way and I wish that I didn’t daily see other kids that made me wish that their parents would have just put in a minimal effort of parenting.

Discipline your kids so that they have a good start at becoming good people! And don’t blame it on the games and the movies cause you’re the boss of those as well!!


There.. I’ve lashed out enough and I’ve gotten it out of my system for now.

The truth is that I’ve had a wonderful Sunday and I wish you all the same in spite of this some what irritated Sunday night blog post 😛

Have a good night!

Author: Christina de Vries

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