Poem of the Day – Day 11

A Lost Friend, I Never Had

Amidst plastic faces & concrete jungles,
A sedentary lifestyle & corporate bungles
I thought I got lucky to find;
A sparkling Gem one day, in life!

A Gem not just precious; but I thought, was so rare
To whom my heart, soul & mind; I could bare
Someone who could touch my heart with a little care
And penetrate my soul to do the dare!

Someone to walk with me, a couple of miles
And bestow upon me, a million smiles!
I ask myself, “Is this a dream or a nightmare
I am yet to awaken from?”
As I seek a friend, I never found
Like A Lost Friend, I Never Had!

Stupid was I, to believe that friendship exists
Between two strangers, who meet at the cross-roads of life
To eventually pass-by & never to look back again!
I beg not to deprive me of this moment
For a life that is otherwise so dormant!

Yet, I continue to yearn for him even today
When I know pretty well, he was never mine!
For I know not, what it means to hide?
How I feel deep inside!
So, do not ridicule me; I am yet to realize,
That I Lost A Friend, I Never Had!


– Renu Ayyar



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