DIY – Memory in a Jar


Today I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY with you guys!

I wanted to make something unique to display one of my memories of my London holiday with Simon earlier this year.  So I made a memory in a jar.


1. These are the things I used:

Glass jar, coffee beans, silver spray, Polaroid picture, a minature bus and glue.

2. I spray painted the lid, the beans and the little bus silver.

Remember to use paper og plastic underneath so that you won’t spill paint everywhere. And let it all dry completely.

3. I glued the bus to the lid with super glue.

You can use any kind of small figurine that fits to the picture you’re going to use. Small toys are excellent to spray paint into something new.

4. The final step was putting it all together.

Adjust the amount of beans (or you can use sand or rocks) so that it won’t block the view of your memory 🙂

Now it is done and you can put you’re memory out for the world to see!

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY, and I promise that there will be more to come. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests then don’t be shy! I love to get challenged into doing something new and creative 🙂


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