How the terrorists have already won

We live in an age where terrorism is happening more than ever. We see it on the news almost every day now. Usually in smaller scales than the ones that has really stuck to our minds.
And there are some who really sticks.

July 22nd 2011, Norway got to feel a terrorist attack first hand. This went global and it shook us as a country to see that one mans hatered could end up in so many deaths. And the worst was the cruelty of it. How could someone so cold heartedly kill young teens just to get attention to his cause?
Tears were shed but we rose up as a country and as people. We took each others hands and promised to stand together against evil and help each other through.

Now almost two years has passed and we still remember. The face of the terrorist (I personally think that he should get as little media coverage as possible so I won’t write his name or post his picture because I don’t he think he deserves that) still jumps into our faces through tv and newspapers.
And when we had Norways big day on 17th of May I got to feel how he somehow has won.
I usually love to be around a lot of people and has never had a problem with that other than being a little shy. But there I was, walking hand in hand with my boyfriend and my son with people pushing from everywhere. I couldn’t see anything but people no matter where I turned. And then it grasped me. I stopped seeing all the smiles and thw fright took a hold over me. I started thinking about how this would have been the perfect day and the perfect target for anyone whoight be stupid enough to feel inspired by the terrorists actions before. This is where I also got angry. This one man has made me afraid of walking freely amongst a happy crowd. One man!
I got out of the crowd and shook it of but somehow it has been stuck with me until now.

Some might wave it off as awareness. That this is something that we just need to feel, but I don’t want to believe that. I don’t want to walk around in my own town not being able to enjoy happy moments because if earlier actions by hateful people.

It hurts that they somehow have a hold on us and I hope that one day we don’t have to look at terrorism as something that’s “just everyday news”.

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