If you’re going to see one band live this year…

Let it be Muse!

One of the Christmas presents I got from my dear boyfriend was tickets for us to a Muse concert. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the day of the concert and yesterday that day finally came. A good friend of mine and her boyfriend were going too, as well as a couple of Simon’s colleagues. I got the set list from the other concert they played in Bergen from my friend Kathrine and I had the whole day at work to warm up to the concert and as the hours drew closer I got more and more excited about seeing Muse live for the first time.

We ate dinner together with his colleagues and had a couple of beers and off we went with smiles on our faces.

And my smile just grew and grew. When they kick started the show with “Unsustainable” the mood was set and I was grinning from ear to ear, singing and dancing like a child at Christmas.

I now know why Muse’s live shows always gets so great reviews. The energy, the music, the voices and the show. It was all in perfect harmony and the only thing I wish I could have changed was the temperature inside the concert hall, but that has nothing to do with Muse as performers.

I enjoyed every minute of it! And the highlights for me was “Unsustainable”, “Knights of Cydonia”, “Unintended”, “Survival”, “Panic Station” and “Starlight”.

If you have the opportunity to go and see this band perform I would highly recommend you do so!


 You can check out their tour dates HERE 🙂




Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

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