Letting Go

As they lay there with only a wall and a closed door between them, the space between them had grown too big to cross. A crack in the lifetime that could no longer be repaired. And none of their lives will ever be the same.

First comes the hurt. The uncertainty in not knowing where to go or what memories to make now that all the ones they had planned can no longer be.
As tears are shed, the questions comes on rolling. The time when they question their decision. When seeing the problems clearly becomes hard and all the smiles and kisses are what remains brightest in mind.
The moment when they’re afraid of missing it all too much when it’s gone.

Then comes the anger. Fear has wrapped itself in its clothing. Hiding behind it not daring too show the vulnerability of its true self. Sometimes the anger is welcomed with open arms as it arrives because letting go of someone that makes one angry feels easier than letting go of the ones that warms the heart and brings one smiles.

At some point comes acceptance. That time when rational thought comes home from its unexpected vacation. After unpacking the past, the present and the future it calms down the anger and dries away the tears. Only at that time can they really understand it. They can sit back (still somewhat hurting) and be able to say “I made the right choice.” Only then can they truly believe that if it was ment to be it would have already been.

The acceptance and the rational thought will then bring them back to life. With help from true friends and/or family little by little the smiles will grow larger, the heart will ache less, the tears comes less often and finally they will hear the knock on the door.
As they open they will see an old friend with the name of opportunity. Opportunity will hug them, inspire them and that long lost friendship is as good as new.
Opportunity will convince them to take new risks and go on new adventures. Some will fail, but they will learn and grow from them all.

And then, when they might least expect it happiness us once again a part of their lives. Standing at their side as if it had never left. And when that time has come they can finally appreciate the hard times, the hurt, the sadness and the anger of letting go.
Because if they hadn’t they would have never become that person. That person that smiles on a rainy day again with happiness by their side and memories turned into lessons that they will never forget.

©Christina de Vries

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