Inspiring things to do

Sometimes you just have to do some small changes and do a few things a little differently to keep your creative juices flowing. Here are some of the things I like to do that has worked for me. Try them out 🙂

Watching people

Not in the stalker kind of way, but sitting down at a café or in a park and just observe how people talk and act. How they move, how they look and the atmosphere around them. Sometimes I even take notes so that I don’t forget those little things that I would like to give one of my characters later on.

Walking in the rain

Leave the umbrella closed and feel how lovely it is to walk in the rain. This should only be done when your on your way home and has the opportunity to change into something dry when you get there. Don’t want you getting the sniffles 😛

Talk to strangers

I know we are taught not to do so, but in some situations it comes natural to talk to strangers. I like listening to their stories and voices. You never know when a story told by a stranger will inspire something amazing in you. Just don’t get into their van 😛

Read a lot!

I read a lot of poetry and books to get new inspirational input. Same goes for music, theater, movies, you name it.

Don’t ever lose your inner child!

I’m never going to let go of my inner child. You need that childish kind of imagination to really be able to let go.

Challenge your senses

Listen, smell, watch, feel and taste.


Take a walk and go somewhere else than the path you usually take. There are probably a lot of places close to where you live that you have never been. Travel to new places and explore what that place has to offer.

Get scared..

Do things that scare you. To face your fears can lead you to places you never could have imagined.

I wish you all a creative and inspiring weekend!


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