Help me help you!

Sometimes when times are rough the thing we need the most is time with our friends. I find it kind of therapeutic to be there for my friends now a days when I need them to be there for me as well. To be able to listen to what is going on in their lives instead of focusing on the things that are happening (or not happening) in mine.
This time in my life that I’m going through right now is probably the hardest I have ever encountered but at the same time as it is frustrating and scary I’m also learning more about myself than I ever thought was possible. The rough times we go do define is more than we know.

So with help from people that I love and my love for books and writing I’m slowly finding my way back to being me.

If you are going through a hard time, remember that you’re not alone. I’m traveling that road with you. We’re heading for a change and even though we might feel lonely we never really are.


Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

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