Getting personal!

When I started up Geek Heaven a little over a year ago I sort of had an idea of how I wanted it to be. I wanted to take people along on a journey of my geeky side of life. The gadgets, geek crushes, literature and my own writing++ I also decided that this time around I wouldn’t really get personal on my own site.
I almost had myself fooled with that idea.
As changes came in my life and I kept on writing here I quickly remembered (and is constantly being reminded of) how personal writing is to me. And when doing something that you truly love that is so personal you can’t help but getting personal along with it.
Geek Heaven has done so much for me, so much more than I ever imagined when I started it up. It has gotten me back to that place where I could once again find my creative spark. Just by having this site that I’m proud of I want to write more. I want to explore more and share more. And as I grew with Geek Heaven so did the followers. I’m so grateful for every view, every like and every comment!
Geek Heaven has become my special place. Where my mind goes when it needs a vacation. It is where I can express myself in the way that feels most natural to me.

Thank you so much for taking this journey together with me! I hope you’ll stick around for more! There are lots of new exciting things to come!


Love you guys!

Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

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