Month: October 2013

You’ve Just Been Pep Talked!

We all need a pep talk ones in a while and when I stumbled upon Kid Presidents pep talk on YouTube I just fell in love! This little guy is so awesome in the way that he encourages awesomeness! The easiest way to say it is that this is nothing but a whole lot of awesome!! ENJOY!

Geek Heaven on Soundcloud!

Geek Heaven here, Geek Heaven there and Geek Heaven everywhere! I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and it has scared me almost to death. I’ve always been afraid of video cameras and microphones! But I’m trying to do more things that scare me now a days. So here it goes! Geek Heaven has given birth to a…

Simon’s Cat Halloween Special

I’m jumping with joy every time a new Simon’s Cat is published on youtube and this time it is a Halloween special! Enjoy!

Need some motivation? Watch this!!

Whenever I need to remind myself of how bad I want to succeed at my goals I watch this video. It gives me goose bumps all over and puts me into that work mode. β€œPain is temporary! And it may take months or year but sooner or later it will subside and something else will take its place.” Think about…

Busy Bee Ylvis

Another official music video from Ylvis. Enjoy their somewhat special tribute to Massachusetts πŸ˜›

In That Moment

I asked for a poetry challenge and I got one. Several ideas were thrown at the table and I loved every single one. I’ve written them down and will be using them later one. But the one that really felt right for me was my dear Kirstis idea; to write about failure. So this one is dedicated to you Kirsti!…

About to be Uncovered!

Apple has told us that they still have a lot to cover! Will we be seeing a new iPad and iPad mini? We will know soon. The event starts in 15 minutes! *excited*

I am beautiful because I am unique!

I have written about this very same topic several times but I won’t stop doing so. Just as this wonderful, beautiful girl so bravely tells us all what we already do know but for some reason won’t accept; it is not the perception of beauty that is thrown at us that matters. It is how we carry ourselves. How we…