I am beautiful because I am unique!

I have written about this very same topic several times but I won’t stop doing so. Just as this wonderful, beautiful girl so bravely tells us all what we already do know but for some reason won’t accept; it is not the perception of beauty that is thrown at us that matters. It is how we carry ourselves. How we love ourselves that really matters!

I got my very first hate mail today. After 8 years in front of the camera some coward sent me an email under a false name and told me that I was a bad role model for my kid. That I was fake and that my ginger genes were bad genes that can’t be looked at as beautiful. I was so blown away by this mail that landed in my inbox without any warning.
I’m glad I’ve passed that time when I worried about what everyone thought of me. That I’ve found the confidence to love me for the unique person that I am. To love the fact that there is no one in this world who is exactly like me.
Not everyone is so lucky.

I can easily see how a mail like that could really be a blow to someones confidence. And the truth is that I probably wouldn’t take this so easy if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been through a lot of insults about my looks earlier on in my life. It has made me stronger and I’ve taken the choice to make it a burning motivation for being even more proud of who I am. I’ve chosen to not care what they think. But in a way we shouldn’t have to take that choice. We should me motivated to love ourselves without the hatred.
It’s like a friend of mine wrote earlier today;
What if people could use all that energy it takes to put people down and use it to build each other up instead!

Just think about it!
And remember to tell yourself that you are beautiful and believe in it!

I am beautiful because I am ME!


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