Prove Them Wrong

Prove Them Wrong


At some point people will make you ask why

When they hurt your heart and make you cry

That is the time when you have to try


Close your eyes and slowly rewind

Change the default settings of your mind

Prepare yourself to be amazed of what you might find


Turn your tears into smiles

You can throw away those dusty, old files

You’ve already made it through those trials


Allow yourself to let it go

Be thankful for all it made you know

Appreciate how it made you grow


Take that old pain and make it into something new

And in it all your beauty will shine through

In it they will see the amazing you


Embrace all the challenges you’ve ever met

Don’t look back with any regret

Tell the world; You haven’t seen the best of me yet!


Be thankful for all of the pain

Be grateful for what it made you gain

Don’t let that hurt be all in vain


Say it out loud with the biggest glee:

“I am not vengeful. I set you free.

Thank you so much for inspiring me!”


By this you have proved them all wrong

They thought they were the ones who were strong

But the truth is it was you all along

Christina de Vries

©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven



  One thought on “Prove Them Wrong

  1. Anne
    November 12, 2013 at 17:18

    Bare så riktig og godt 😉 tenk å kunne la dette være en livs regel 😄😄

    • November 18, 2013 at 08:52

      Ja det burde være det, men tror nok man må gå igjennom litt av hvert for å komme seg til det punktet hvor det først blir en leveregel 🙂

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