The Things We Tend To Forget

There are these crimes that plenty of us are guilty of from time to time. We tend to forget a lot of things. We get distracted by the negative and stressful events in life and that makes it difficult for us to see all the beauty, fun and sunshine that is really surrounding us.

So today I’m writing to remind you of a few things that I often remind myself and take great joy in.

1. Look Up!

As we walk around through our everyday life we tend to look down a lot. Even when we’re walking the paths that we know like the inside of our pockets we still walk with our faces down, looking for traps and puddles and twigs.

The first time I lived in Oslo I thought it was an ugly city. I thought it cold and heartless, but the truth was that I was in a place in my life where my mind and heart wasn’t looking out for the beauty around me. Many years have passed since then and now I see Oslo in a whole different light. When my eyes were lifted upwards I started seeing things that I never noticed earlier. The architecture, all the different faces and voices, the street musicians, the cozy cafés and the art. I learned to love the city that I once didn’t care for.

The city never really changed, it was I. All I needed to do was to look up!

2. Be Childish!

Remember that Disney movie you loved as a child? Or the book that you read a hundred times growing up? Did you dance in the rain? Have snowball fights? Slumber parties?

Remember how much fun it was? Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret! Most of those things are just as (and sometimes even more) fun doing as adults. You will see the movies and the books in a different light, and notice new details. The slumber party conversations might not be as innocent as they were back then, but the amount of giggles will be just as many. Have fun! Forget all the worries and all the every day doings for a little while and just live! You won’t regret it!

3. Turn it OFF!

The computer, the television, your phone. Take a break from all the gadgets and all the noise! Lay down on the grass and stare up at the clouds. Light candles at home and enjoy a good book or maybe some relaxing music. I find this hard myself just because I’ve gotten so used to always having the world at my fingertips but I am trying to not look at my phone as often as I used to. And even though I feel a little naked without it, it also feels good to leave the house without it once in a while.

4. Dress Up!

Not to please everyone else, but for fun! Wear those bright colors, that dress you’ve been meaning to wear forever but haven’t dared, that suit that looks amazing on you but you feel a little overdressed in or that style that you just weren’t sure if you could pull off. Life is too short to worry about what other people think about you. Wear what makes you feel pretty, what puts a smile on your face or what makes you laugh.

And remember, wearing a costume isn’t just for Halloween! Have costume party just for the fun of it! Or dress up like Mario or Wonder Woman going out! You’ll definitely be the talk of the town for that night!

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Don’t be afraid of looking sexy! You are gorgeous and don’t you ever forget it!

5. Lighten Up!

My last advise is to just let go. Let go of all the negative thoughts, because that is the crime that we most often commit. We tend to wrap ourselves in all the darkness of the world. Draping it around us like an opaque curtain preventing us from seeing all that is worth to be seen.

Throw away that curtain and let the world shine on you. There is beauty to be found in the most unlikely places but you will never see them if you don’t open up your eyes, your heart and your soul to it.

Smile, laugh and enjoy!


Those are my little reminders and I hope you enjoyed them.

Do you have any of your own? Please do share them with me 🙂

I’m ending this post with a picture that sums up my evening pretty well:


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Author: Christina de Vries

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