When Life Hands You Lemons

Sometimes making lemonade
From handed lemons will be hard
It will show you what you’re made
After letting down your guard

But sometimes that will the best
The sweetest lemonade you ever tasted
Because when life put you to the test
Every lemon is to important to be wasted


©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven


Just like falling in love
It comes with a promise of more
Some of it you know from the past
Some will be like never before

It comes with a promise
One you want it to keep
Comes with smiles and warmth
And nights with lack of deep sleep

There when you wake up
You jump out, big smile on your face
And just like it never happened
The cold of the past is gone without trace

Too perfect to last forever
It will leave you as a friend
But when the timing is right
Spring will return once again


©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven

Tim Burton – A True Poet

I have a soft spot for dark poetry and dark art. The world of Tim Burton fits perfectly into that soft spot and has had a special place in my heart for many years. I was thrilled when my son started having Nightmare Before Christmas as his favorite movie at around age two and it actually still is one of his favorites.

We had a movie night tonight where we watched it yet again and after it was done we watched some of the bonus features as well. Then I was reminded of what an amazing poet Tim Burton really is and at once I wanted to share it with you guys 🙂

Here you have the original poem “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton, narrated by Christopher Lee. A perfect combination!

And here you have “Vincent”, an amazing short story about a boy who’s a little bit different from everyone else.

New Picture!

On Saturday I did a shoot with the awesome Kirsti! The theme of the shoot was “Deadline” and here’s the result:


Go and have a look at some of the other gorgeous pictures Kirsti has taken at www.hegrebackman.no

Oh, and by the way, the papers flying around are actually my own written pages from the novel that I’m working on 🙂


To My Future Husband

I’m pretty sure we haven’t met yet and still I kind of miss you already. I miss the way I want us to cuddle while listening to the rain. How we laugh at each other’s stupid jokes. How you roll your eyes when I’m trying in the fifth dress and we should have left twenty minutes ago. How I always want to kiss you even when you make me angry. How it is so easy for us to talk for hours about everything and nothing, but at the same time we can also be comfortable with being quiet together.

Even though I don’t know you yet, I know why I love you.

I love the way you are passionate about your goals. How you light up when you talk about the things that you love. The way you love my kid as if he was your own. The way you look at me from the other side of the room. The way you hold me in your arms while I cry over some sad movie. The way you goof around together with me even though there are other people around. The way we can pull each other’s fingers and giggle like small children. I love you for the respect, the kindness and the positivity. The way you are different from me so that we can learn from each other. The way you encourage my writing even though you might not always understand it.

I know that I will do my very best to help you achieve all of your dreams and the dreams that we build together. I will try to remember to say ‘I’m sorry’ whenever I lash out in grumpiness when I’m really just hungry as hell. I will build up the courage to join you in doing things you want to do that I find absolutely terrifying. I will make amazing coffee and write you awkward poems and notes. I will probably make you blush when I dance on the subway (I just can’t help it), when I tell a bad joke or sing too loud (and sour) in the shower or in the car. I will make delicious breakfast because I’ve been up all night writing and just didn’t know what to do the last hour before you have to get up.

There are so many things that I know, but there are a million things that I can’t wait to learn.

How you smile. How you act when you’re drunk. Those little things that will annoy me but I wouldn’t want to live without. The memories we will make and the stories we will tell. What scares you and what moves you.

These are just a few of the things I can’t wait to find out but there is this thing I have to do first.

I just have to find you.


Neil Hilborn – An Absolute Favorite

Neil Hilborn is definitely one of my favorite slam poets. There is a special kind of vulnerability and honesty in his poems.

And today I want to share a couple of my favorites with you guys.

OCD is such a strong and personal poem. You can really feel the pain through his words. I cried the first time I saw this one.

When I saw Static Electricity this morning I giggled and smiled so much! An instant favorite for sure!!