The Power of Good News

The bad news:
There is no key to happiness…

The good news:
It isn’t locked!

I’m a strong believer in that happiness attracts more happiness and it has been like that lately for me. No life is perfect, and I’m not trying to say that mine is, but who in their right minds want perfect?? When you really think about it, what would be left to live for if everything was perfect? Nothing to strive for. Nothing to dream about. The perfect life would then be imperfect, and I’m glad that it’s an unrealistic reality.
But some days are truly perfect. Everything doesn’t have to go like you planned and still there are these tiny moments that makes that day so perfect it could possibly be. Like meeting an old friend that you’ve missed. That night when you kiss your crush for the first time. Or maybe just that day when you got unexpected life changing news! That day came for me today. I’m not going into details on the news because it’s really not that interesting or exciting for anyone else really, but that tiny bit of news is life changing for me. It has brought an extra amount of laughter and smiles all day long and my dreams and goals are getting closer and closer.

I’ve stopped looking for the key to happiness a long time ago. Happiness is what I want it to be. I’m already in the land of happiness and I’m exploring it and loving the journey!
Want to tag a long on the ride? Just smile πŸ™‚


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