Waiting by Thadra Sheridan

As I was heading of to duck under the covers and get a few hours of needed sleep I stumbled upon this poem by Thadra Sheridan and had to share it with you guys.

The customer isn’t always right! Sorry if I burst your bubble, but someone had to say it sooner or later.

Enjoy and have a good night 🙂

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (Review)

In a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King has ever created try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands.

In the frigid pre-dawn hours, in a distressed Midwestern city, hundreds of desperate unemployed folks are lined up for a spot at a job fair. Without warning, a lone driver plows through the crowd in a stolen Mercedes, running over the innocent, backing up, and charging again. Eight people are killed; fifteen are wounded. The killer escapes.

In another part of town, months later, a retired cop named Bill Hodges is still haunted by the unsolved crime. When he gets a crazed letter from someone who self-identifies as the “perk” and threatens an even more diabolical attack, Hodges wakes up from his depressed and vacant retirement, hell-bent on preventing another tragedy.

Brady Hartsfield lives with his alcoholic mother in the house where he was born. He loved the feel of death under the wheels of the Mercedes, and he wants that rush again. Only Bill Hodges, with a couple of highly unlikely allies, can apprehend the killer before he strikes again. And they have no time to lose, because Brady’s next mission, if it succeeds, will kill or maim thousands.


When I first heard about Mr. Mercedes and the actual event that inspired the story I was extremely excited. Excited to read a novel by Stephen King that that’s in many ways different from the ones I have read so far.

I’m not usually a big fan of the Crime genre but the way that King takes us along for the ride into the mind of a psychotic lunatic of a murderer made this a real page turner. The reader have front row seats to both the action of the ex-cop Bill Hodges and the murderer Brady Hartsfield as they run around in a terrifying maze of real life where there are tragic souls, love and lives to be saved.

As I mentioned in my review of Salem’s Lot, the true talent of Stephen King is to portray the real monsters that live inside of the real humans around us. This is the same for Mr. Mercedes as well. It’s scary, exciting and feels so real.

I enjoyed Mr. Mercedes and I’ve heard that this is going to be a trilogy. I will definitely get my hands on sequel when that time comes and I highly recommend it as a summer read!


If you want to buy your own copy of Mr. Mercedes you can click  HERE  or on the picture below:


Salem’s Lot by Stephen King (Review)

Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem’s Lot in the hopes that living in an old mansion, long the subject of town lore, will help him cast out his own devils and provide inspiration for his new book. But when two young boys venture into the woods and only one comes out alive, Mears begins to realize that there may be something sinister at work and that his hometown is under siege by forces of darkness far beyond his control.


Salem’s Lot has been on my to-read list for a very long time, and now I finally got around to reading it. And this was a piece that I truly enjoyed.

The vampire hype has been over us for quite some time now but it was nice to get back to the unpolished and horrific ones. A kind of story that picks up your heart rate and has you cheering on the good hearted people of Jerusalem’s Lot.

In an interview Stephen King said:

“In ‘Salem’s Lot, the thing that really scared me was not vampires, but the town in the daytime, the town that was empty, knowing that there were things in closets, that there were people tucked under beds, under the concrete pilings of all those trailers. And all the time I was writing that, the Watergate hearings were pouring out of the TV…. Howard Baker kept asking, ‘What I want to know is, what did you know and when did you know it?’ That line haunts me, it stays in my mind…. During that time I was thinking about secrets, things that have been hidden and were being dragged out into the light.”

This is something that always fascinates me about Mr. King. He takes the most ordinary surroundings and reminds the reader of who the true monsters in our world can be. The people and their secrets.

Salem’s Lot is filled with small time lives, questionable pasts, newcomers and danger that crawls out after dark.

Snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy the adventure of the horrific events in Jerusalem’s Lot.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Salem’s Lot you can click   HERE   or on the picture below:

Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Salem’s Lot can also be purchased for your Audible right HERE!


One of the next books I will be reviewing is Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, and I’m super excited to get started on his newest release! Stay tuned 🙂

The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer (Review)

Paris, 1937. Andras Lévi, a Hungarian-Jewish architecture student, arrives from Budapest with a scholarship, a single suitcase, and a mysterious letter he promised to deliver. But when he falls into a complicated relationship with the letter’s recipient, he becomes privy to a secret that will alter the course of his—and his family’s—history.


The Invisible Bridge is a captivating story about love, hope, tragedy and war. The story follows Andras Lévi who gets a scholarship in Paris to go study architecture, then falls in love with an older woman with a big secret and then gets the first hand feeling of the hate against Jews as the Second World War comes to a start. He loses his scholarship and then struggle to make ends meet and suddenly finds the future that seemed so bright to darken as Hitler grows stronger and the Nazis are getting more and more aggressive.

The way Julie Orringer writes about her characters made me care for them and made them come to life in a very special way and it had me flipping the pages and finding myself lost in the story that could easily have been a true one. It had me smiling as she writes about falling in love and it had me choking up and almost feeling sick to my stomach when reading about the cruelty Andras and his family has to endure through the times of war.

The Invisible Bridge is an amazing book and I highly recommend it! And if you are somewhat of an WWII geek (as I am) then I can almost guarantee that you will fall in love with this book. Even though this is a fictional story, Julie Orringer has done a lot of research and the story of Mr. Lévi and his friends and family are stories that tells the truth of so many Jews based in Europe during the war.

If you would like to get your own copy of this amazing book, you can cick   HERE  or on the picture below:

The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer
The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

I would love to hear your thoughts on this book! Or maybe you have another summer read you could recommend? I’m all ears 🙂

I Did It!!!

I really needed something to cheer me up after being stuck under the covers with a nasty cold, and yesterday I got exactly that.
I sold my first piece!! The Norwegian magazine Cupido sent me an email late last night to tell me that they want to buy my story! Erotic short stories is something that I do as a sort of hobby to let my thoughts drift and clean my head a bit, and now I’m actually getting paid for one of them!
I can’t believe I’m going to see one of my fictional stories in print, signed with my name for the first time!! For some it might just be an erotic short story, but for me this is the beginning. Another piece of motivation to write even more. To submit more of my short stories, not just erotica but other types of magazines and competitions.
My top priority is to work on my novel of course, but sometimes a writer needs a little break and some space from the big project and at times like that a short story or a poem is perfect as a diversion while still keeping the creative writing juices flowing!
I will let you guys know when the magazine is up for grabs 🙂
And while I wait, my smile and motivation has grown a little bigger!


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (Review)

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde. It tells of a young man named Dorian Gray, the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward. Basil is impressed by Dorian’s beauty and becomes infatuated with him, believing his beauty is responsible for a new mode in his art. Talking in Basil’s garden, Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, a friend of Basil’s, and becomes enthralled by Lord Henry’s world view. Espousing a new hedonism, Lord Henry suggests the only things worth pursuing in life are beauty and fulfilment of the senses. Realising that one day his beauty will fade, Dorian cries out, expressing his desire to sell his soul to ensure the portrait Basil has painted would age rather than himself. Dorian’s wish is fulfilled, plunging him into debauched acts. The portrait serves as a reminder of the effect each act has upon his soul, with each sin displayed as a disfigurement of his form, or through a sign of aging.


The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel that I have been looking forward to read for some time. I regret seeing the movie before I read the book. It took some of the suspense out of the story. Never the less, Oscar Wilde is an amazing writer and story teller. The characters truly came to life and the mind of both Dorian Gray and Lord Henry Wotton fascinated and thrilled me.

That wish of staying young forever is something a lot of us can relate to, but all of us knows that it would come at a price that probably no one could handle over time. As it did to Dorian, it might have driven us all mad.

I highly recommend this book and gave it my top score of five stars on Goodreads.

I listen to the audiobook on Audible. If you would like to do the same then you can click HERE or on the picture below:

Dorian Gray Audible I myself am thinking about getting this gorgeous collection HERE or you can click on the picture below here as well:

oscar wilde I am absolutely addicted to these Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classic Collections!

They are gorgeous!!

But if you would like the paperback version to have on the go, click HERE or on the picture:

Dorian Gray Paperback

And last, but not least, I will share my favorite quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray:

“When a woman marries again it is because she detested her first husband. When a man marries again it is because he adored his first wife. Women try their luck, men risk theirs.”


I hope you enjoyed this and I would for you to recommend other books for me to read and review. Tell me in the comments below or you can write me an e-mail:


Creative Milestones

To see my novel take shape is such an amazing process to be a part of. As some of you who follow me probably have noticed I write by hand first and then into my Mac. I started with a milestone of 50 pages and was thrilled to get there. Now I have reached my 100 pages milestone and I can’t believe how well it’s going. I have made a promise to myself that the book will be finished (first draft at least) before the year 2015 is here. So now I’ve stepped up my game and I feel fortunate to be so inspired and seeing that my characters are developing a life of their own in my mind (feeling slightly schizophrenic at times though) and at times are even surprised at the choices that they make.

I don’t think I have ever felt more like a writer as I am feeling now a days. This is truly what I love to do. With my pen in hand and my characters playing out their lives in my head I find that extra bliss even on those gray and gloomy days.

Next milestone to reach is 150. How long will it take?? Stick around to find out 🙂

What kind of creative milestones do you strive to achieve these days?