To Whom It May Concern

Have you ever had a person in your life that didn’t deserve to be there? Someone you thought of as maybe more than an acquaintance but one day realized that they didn’t even deserve that title?

Most of us have. Most of us will.

I’m not one to often rant on my blog but there’s something that has been on my mind for a while now and it’s been fighting to get out for too long. And now I can’t keep this in anymore.

I’ve been wronged and it makes me angry, sad and disappointed.

I wont point fingers at any particular person, because that is not what I want out of this post. The people who have wronged me know very well who they are and what they have done.

What I will say is this:

Don’t judge so easily. What any one person is going through is not for you to make any statements about to anyone at anytime unless you’ve been permitted to. Talking about what someone else is going through when you don’t have a clue is rude and borderline cruel. And to suggest that the person is lying about what they are going through is even worse.

I would never point my finger like that or make up any kind of stories. I base my believes on the truth and not some made up bullshit that someone else has pushed upon me.

For those of you whom it concerns:

I really did expect more from you. I expected honesty and dignity. I expected that you would be big enough of a person to come to me and ask me before spreading rumors that has no hold on reality.

Consider yourself deleted and forgiven, but what you’ve done will not be forgotten.


What’s been done is not worth more of my energy than that I’ve put into this post. I’ve had my rant and I will rise from this a stronger and even better person than what I was before.

You guys on the other hand will find yourself short of something far more valuable than what you gained from all this.


There.. I’ve had my saying on the matter and now that I’ve gotten rid of that I will go back to being the positive me that I know is worth a whole lot more than the way I’ve been wronged by people that need to take a good look in the mirror.


Rant done…

Second glass of Bailey’s down..

I’m out and will be back with a big smile on my face tomorrow 🙂

Oh! And last, but not least, I feel very lucky to have some extraordinary people in my life who’ve supported me through all of this! Love you guys! You know who you are as well 😉


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