Review – The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell


The Twistrose Key is the story of Lindelin (Lin) Rosenquist, dead pets and a magical winter kingdom.

Her pet mouse Rufus lies buried under the rose bed outside of their new house and Lin feels that something isn’t right about where they have moved. It’s like the clock moves a bit too slow and there are frost in the flowerbed even though it should not. 

One day Lin receives a package. Inside is some sort of key in the shape of a rose. Lin finds her way down to the basement where the key unlocks a door into another world.

She enters into the world of Sylver where she is reunited with Rufus, only this time he is just as tall as her, walks on two feet and he can talk.

Every now and then when Sylver is in dire need of help a child is brought into the kingdom (where every dead pet that was ever loved by a child lives) as a Twistrose.

Lin’s quest as a Twistrose is to help find a missing boy. The last Winter Prince.

If the boy is not returned by a certain time there is fear for the future of Sylver and all the dead pets. 

But Lin and Rufus are not the only ones who is trying to find the boy and Lin quickly realises that not all of the talking animals can be trusted on her quest. 


I absolutely loved this book. The details in the story, the characters and the writing was spectacular. I could easily picture everything throughout the story and it reminded me of the joy of reading as a little girl. With the magical kingdom, the talking animal and the suspense of the story it kind of reminded me of The Narnia Chronicles.

I loved Lindelin and Rufus as main characters and thought they evolved nicely.

There are just some books that you wish could have been longer and this was one of them for me! When I got to the end I wanted it to not end yet.

It was a magical read and I really look forward to reading this for my son in a year or two. I think it would be a perfect start for kids to enjoy YA fantasy as they get older.

Love LOVE loved this soooo much!!

It’s a perfect getaway for your mind. If you like magic, fairytales and fantasy then I think you should join Lin into the kingdom of Sylver and see what happens!

Brace yourself for a magical and wonderful ride!


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