The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon – REVIEW

The_Bone_Season_(cover)The Bone Season is the debut novel from British author Samantha Shannon. It is a dystopian fantasy novel set in England in the year 2059. The mane character is Paige Mahoney, an Irish clairvoyant with a rare gift. She is what they call a dreamwalker. A dreamwalker has the ability to walk in and out of the minds of other people. She works for a the Seven Seals a secret organization of clairvoyants. Clairvoyance is highly illegal in the year 2059 and when Paige uses her powers by accident out in the open she finds herself hunted down and captured. She is later taken to Oxford, a 200 year old well kept secret where clairvoyants are being held captive and used. 

The Warden Arcturus takes her into his household as his human. Paige hates him but is drawn in by the big mystery surrounding him and the world she thought she knew but gradually finds out is nothing but a lie.


The Bone Season is the first book in a seven book series and  book two (The Mime Order) is scheduled to be released on January 27th.

I was captivated by this story from beginning to end! I found Paige to be a strong and very relatable character with depth and an interesting story. I feared that this universe would be hard to keep track of but Samantha’s writing is excellent. The story flows so easily and even though it has a whole lot of characters, places and histories it just drew me in and held me throughout the whole story. Warden was another character that I found amazing. I started out loathing him just as much as Paige did and as the story progressed and the mystery unfolded I found myself more and more intrigued and curious. It is quite a dark story but such an amazing one at that!

The Bone Season is exciting and different. It is a story unlike any I have ever read before and I found it mind blowing to know that Samantha Shannon is no more than 21 years old. Her writing and her story is unique and I’m looking forward to knowing what happens next in this epic fantasy adventure.


One of my absolute favorite books of 2014!!!

A few of my favorite quotes from The Bone Season:

“Knowledge is dangerous. Once you know something, you can’t get rid of it. You have to carry it. Always.”

“Then there was that awful slogan: no safer place. More like no safe place. Not for us.”


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I hope you enjoyed this review and until next time;

Smile, read and be awesome!

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