Kill Your Boss by Shane Kuhn – REVIEW

9780751552348Kill Your Boss (published in the US as The Intern’s Handbook) tells the story of John Lago. John is an assassin working for HR inc. This book is part confessional, part how-to book for surviving as an assassin. HR inc. sends their assassins into corporations disguised as interns.

“Interns are invisible. You can tell executives your name a hundred times and they will never remember it because they have no respect for someone at the bottom of the barrel, working for free. The irony is that they will heap important duties on you with total abandon. The more of these duties you voluntarily accept, the more you will get, simultaneously acquiring TRUST AND ACCESS. Ultimately, your target will trust you with his life and that is when you will take it.”

Slowly gaining trust and getting access to their target they work as interns and work hard on not being remembered or noticed.

John Lago finds himself at the age of 25 (which is quite old in his line of work) and ready to retire from the life of an assassin. He just have to finish one last assignment and then he is free to live a normal life. This is the story of that last assignment and with it comes most of his tips and tricks for survival and succeeding. His last assignment turns about to be much harder and more difficult than any he’s experienced before.


I must admit that I bought this one just as I buy my wine from time to time. “Ooo! That one’s pretty!” I’m a sucker for a pretty, unique or funny cover. My boyfriend and I had seen this cover (and mentioned that it was quite funny) a few times while browsing in some bookstores and one day I just had to get it without taking the trouble to find out anything about the story. Let’s just call it going into it with an open mind.

This story is just as fast paced as an action movie (might have something to do with Mr. Kuhn’s career as a movie producer) and it is a page turner for sure. Written as if it was a memoir/handbook and very witty as well it is a fast read and I enjoyed it very much. I was on the edge of my seat (sofa.. mostly sofa..) and I giggled loudly and even had to read out some quotes to my boyfriend as I was reading through this one.

It was funny, exciting and very different! Definitely a pleasant surprise when I went into it with no expectations 🙂

Highly recommend this book if you want something action packed and witty, but on the lighter side!


One of my favorite quotes from Kill Your Boss:

“Above all, you must be humble. When you are humble, you are like a sponge, taking in the world and letting it fill you with the knowledge of what is real. Pride and arrogance are a dry sponge. You learn nothing. You think you know everything when it’s not even possible to know everything. And then you’re the dumbass with the surprised look on your face when someone puts a bullet in you.”


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Until next time, Toodles!


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