Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk – REVIEW

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Author: Christina de Vries

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One thought on “Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk – REVIEW”

  1. Hey that’s my Palahniuk!

    He’s a great author, but an uneven one. His stories are almost always farfetched, so they’re always almost falling apart. He’s much deeper than people give him credit though (Fight Club is not an anti-consumerist novel. It’s one that criticizes counterculture and rebellion).

    He’s been on a slide recently, but this sounds like he’s back at what he’s doing well. The subject matter is similar to other two books of his – Choke (fantastic) and Snuff (Great, but many will hate it). I think it’s great to have an author that looks critically at our post-SexRevolution world.

    Fight Club, Invisble Monsters, Lullaby, Choke and Snuff are his best stuff. Everything else is also good, but he has less control on his ideas in the other books. Beware of Snuff and Choke – both are very sexually explicit.

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