Popular by Maya Van Wagenen – REVIEW

popularPopular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek is a memoir written by Maya Van Wagenen. In 8th grade her father gave her a book that he’d found at a thrift shop before she was even born. Reading “Betty Cornell’s Teen-Age Popularity Guide” became an experiment that Maya documented throughout the school year in her journal.

Finding herself at the bottom of the social ladder and struggling to get new friends she started picking out one chapter for each month and commit to go though with them all and see if they will indeed make her popular.


I found Maya’s writing to be extremely good and witty! To write this well at such a young and age is impressive and I definitely look forward to read more of her writing.

Popular is an inspiring book that takes a good look into bullying and the social ladders that we all recognize. I could definitely relate to Maya and her situation and I think that was what made it out to be such an amazing read for me.

I also loved that there were pictures and notes throughout the book which made it feel like you were getting a private tour into a young girl’s diary and private thoughts.

A fast, easy and beautiful read! Definitely recommend it!


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