The Perfect Gift by Christina de Vries – POEM

On my wish list you will not find diamonds or pearls 

I wish for trips to outer space and new worlds

To be shown memories, dreams, places not yet found

See witches do magic and queens be crowned 

Swim with mermaids and fly with birds

Fight beside superheroes, crack codes with nerds


Get hot and heavy with a perfect stranger 

Having a demigod save me from danger 

Be an important part of an epic new war 

Discover a magic portal in a hidden door

Go to the school with the most gifted teachers

To learn magic and to fight deadly creatures


Explore the darkest of corners, befriend a ghost

Sneak onboard a pirate ship, travel from coast to coast

Fall in love with a an alien or a vampire

Listen to stories from trolls told around a campfire

Ride into the sunset on a unicorn 

Fight battles, die and be reborn 


Hide from monsters and humans even worse

Go to the end of the world to reverse a curse 

Get my heart broken and fall in love yet again 

Go through every kind of emotion and not complain

Challenge myself and face my fears 

Embrace the giggles as well as the tears 


The perfect gift: it doesn’t really matter how it looks

What matters is what can be discovered inside the books.


©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven


Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

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