Why I chose a job that pays less..

Grow up! Get an education! Get a job! Get a new job! Get a better job! Work your ass off! Get more pay! Get even higher pay! Then you have to work even harder! Etc. etc.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else but me? I’ve been working in retail since I was 17 years old. That’s 12 years of trying to work my way up, up and up to someday get a more comfortable everyday life.

For the past six months or so, I’ve been a store manager for a bookstore. It’s been very interesting and I’ve learned a lot from it, but when it was time to look for another job (because of my temporary position for a woman who was on maternity leave) I had to really take a long, hard look at my life to figure out where I wanted to go from  here.

I could go back to school, but as a single mom I really can’t afford it. So I started applying for similar jobs as the one I’ve been having for the last six months thinking that that was my only option. But I also applied for a couple of jobs that were not store manager positions, but sales personell. This however felt (at first) as somewhat of a setback.

So I went through the job interview process with two jobs. One store manager and one as a sales woman. I was offered both, but during that whole process I realized something.

I could choose a job with more responsibility, a little more pay and longer hours, or I could take a totally different approach to working. I could leave all the expectations from everyone else behind and I could go for a job that yes, it pays less, but instead it gives me more free time to work on all my personal projects. It will pay me enough to pay for our home, food and bills, but that’s pretty much it.

But when I looked at my dreams and my passions I had to ask myself how much I was willing to sacrifice to someday make that into my living. And you know what? Being able to someday do what I love for a living is way more important to me than being able to go out on the town once a month or buying that pretty dress.

So I chose the sales woman position at a store selling glasses. I chose to leave all the pressure of working my way up behind and redirecting my energy and time towards the people I love and my passion for writing and filmmaking.

Because in the end, the only one living my life is me, and why on earth would I want to use all my energy and time on something that doesn’t completely feed my love and passion?

This is it. A chapter is ending and a new one will soon begin.

I’m very excited!

Photo by Kirsti H. Backman

Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❀️

4 thoughts on “Why I chose a job that pays less..”

  1. This is really great and inspiring! I’m glad you were able to do what’s right for you.

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