Tattoo and Poetry – A Different Evening

Today I experienced something a bit different. I went to a community building in Oslo called Stampen. They had a relaunch evening for the cultural center in Brugata 12, Oslo. I had no idea what to expect, but went in there with good company, and met some strangers, and some old friends.

I got to see a pirate walk around ringing a bell, a fire dancer that asked me if I wanted to play while she twirled me around on the dance floor, a four story building filled with art and artists, and a man that told poetry while he got his lower back tattooed.

It was a night to remember, that’s for sure!

But the thing that made it the most special, that was being around so many people that shamelessly shares their passion! They do the things they love, zero fucks given! I wish more people were like that. I wish more people would dare to just thrive and grow together with their passion, instead of fearing it.

It’s something I’m constantly being mindful about myself. Reminding myself daily that what other people feel about my passion, ambitions and dreams, doesn’t matter! All that matters is that I continue to do what I love, because I love it!

I guess that’s the beauty of watching a poet’s bare ass, while he reads and gets inked; It is that there might be something so profoundly poetic in it or it might just be poetry, bare ass and a tattoo.

Be openminded! Be different! Live your dream! Live a great story!

Thank you to Stampen, the wonderful people who colored the night, and to everyone that was a part of a truly different evening in Oslo ❤️

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Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

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