VidCon Europe – Why It’s Not Worth Your Money!

So I went to VidCon Europe 2018, and I have some thoughts!

Day 1 – Very Disappointing! 

VidCon Europe 2018 has been my very first VidCon, and after seeing videos from other YouTubers that attended the event last year, I wouldn’t say that I had very high expectations, but I also expected them to have improved since creators were so disappointed the last time around.

So I had mediocre expectations for the actual event, but high expectations for the people, the vibe, and the networking.  Unfortunately, I would have to say that the whole thing was very disappointing. The venue that they’d set up was way smaller than what I expected and the talks that we went to were nothing much. The most interesting thing I saw all day was the AMA with Anna Akana, and that was just because it was entertaining. I didn’t feel like I really learned anything from the first day. Most of what they were all talking about was information that I’ve already been able to come across online, for free, by people who are much more interesting to listen to.

Everything felt like it was catered to creators who were totally new in the game, and for those who were and that got lots out of this; GREAT! Good for you! I wish I could say the same!

When the tickets cost €199, I was expecting a whole lot more from an event like this. I wanted insight, representatives from more brands, more people, a social gathering the last night, but got nothing that I felt was worth my time or my money.

The vibe too was very uninspiring and didn’t motivate me in any way. I went there together with Leif Nygaard, and we felt pretty much the same way about it. You can see his video from the first day here:

Like we mentioned, the social media room was kind of cool, but it was small and very uneventful except for the Instagrammable tulip and bicycle setup, free snacks and coffee, and the goodie bags from Facebook/Instagram.

Another thing I really missed was YouTube merch. There were no stickers, totes, t-shirts or anything.

We left the event after the first day, unsure if we were even going to spend the full second day there.


Day 2 – We Ditched VidCon

On day 2 we arrived a bit late, but for the first talk on the agenda that looked somewhat interesting. It turned out to be just as much of a newbie theme to that one, and when lunchtime arrived and the fact of the matter was that there wasn’t even lunch included in the €199 we paid ( you had to buy food there) that was the tipping point where Leif and I looked at each other and knew that it was time to leave. We were staying in a wonderful city, with a vibe that’s inspiring in its self, and we were wasting our time and energy on an event that gave us nothing.

The money spent for the ticket is sad enough, but nothing to do about that now. So we headed into the city and we had a fantastic day instead! We wat vegan food and cakes until we thought we were going to burst, had a smoke in the sun by the canal, browsed some shops, met some wonderful people and then we enjoyed the city by night!

The trip to Amsterdam has been inspiring and awesome, and I can’t wait to post my vlog from the trip, but when it comes to VidCon Europe, I’m freaking disappointed. This had the potential to be so much more but ended up being time and money lost.

I would be very surprised if there’s a new VidCon Europe next year. They would have to make some major changes for it to even be close to worth what they’re charging for the tickets. So my tip to anyone who’s considered VidCon Europe is don’t waste your precious time and money. Use all the information that is already available for free online, and try to go to another convention instead. I’ve heard that VidCon US is pretty spectacular, so if you have the option to go there instead then that will probably be a totally different experience.


That being said, I’m glad that I had a fellow-minded YouTuber to ditch the event with and make some absolutely fantastic new memories! A big thank you to Leif Nygaard for bringing even more laughter and new experiences to the trip 😊


Picture taken by Nicole/Homenest Digital while we had lunch at Vegabond


Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

2 thoughts on “VidCon Europe – Why It’s Not Worth Your Money!”

  1. Too bad the convention was a disappointment, but it’s great to hear that you and Leif were still able to have fun.

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