Why Are We Here Again?

We live in a world where THIS has become the new normal.

We go through everyday life, looking at real-life monsters on screens, and the more we see them, the number we feel.

Numbers upon numbers, that feels unreal to think of as lives lost. Futures that will never come to be. They are names whispered in the wind, stories that were only half told, and smiles that are now nothing but memories.

They are children that should’ve never seen this kind of cruelty. They are the adults that should’ve never had to act like human shields. They are lives that were taken unfairly. Family and friends are left behind with wounds that will never completely heal.

Our reality is now one where kids don’t feel safe in the house where they should be learning without fear. Our reality is now one where one broken soul will grab a gun and a deathwish instead of reaching out for help.

Once again, we are gathered here, although we are scattered around the whole globe. Together we watch another tragedy unfold.

We’re all asking each other why we are here yet again. Wishing for something better, but feeling helpless, but still fighting. Never giving up!

And even though I’m far away from Santa Fe, my heart still aches and breaks.

Why are we here again? It’s about time we stop meeting like this.

My thoughts go out to everyone who’s hurting❤️


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