An Act of Love

Today I bought roses.

I saw them and I thought about how much she would love them. How she would smile when she found the perfect spot for them in her living room. How she would stop and take the moment to smell them several times a day.

I thought about how she would marvel at their beauty. How she would look at them and see entire stories in each petal.

I thought about how inspired they would make her. How she would let the flowers trace her skin. How the sensation would be emotional, turn into words and end up as poetry.

I looked at them and knew that even though getting them seemed like a little thing, it would be so far from it. For how can you call anything small if it makes someone smile. If a single act turns into gratitude and creativity, then I would say that it’s closer to massive.

So I bought the flowers for her. I took them home to her place and watched as every thought I had about them unfolded into reality.

I bought roses and I gave them to me. It was an act of love and one that I’m so grateful for❤️

Love yourself enough to act on it ❤️

The Shitty Side of Being Single

I know that I write a lot about self-love, taking myself out on dates and personal growth while being single, and I stand by all of that! I think it’s so incredibly important to learn to love oneself! I think it’s important to grow and be mindful of the situations that you find yourself in!

That being said, there are moments in single life (as well as in relationship life) that are just shitty. So in the name of honesty, here are some shitty sides of being single:

💩 No Spoon Sundays

I’m not saying you can’t spoon someone on a Sunday even though you’re single, but there will be Sundays when you wake up alone and all you wish for is for someone to big spoon you all day on the couch while you both eat junk food and candy, and watch Netflix. Sometimes those days are a little shitty.

💩 The Ghosting

Anyone who’s ever been through the dating game for a while will have been through the shitty experience of being completely ghosted and it sucks! I’m not talking about going on one date, not feeling it and then moving on. Even though I wish we were all that upfront and honest about our feelings. I even wish I was that bold!

No, I’m talking about the settings where you’ve dated for a while, you know you’re super into the other person, and you’re pretty confident that they feel the same way (or even better; they tell you that they are *melt*) and then all of the sudden *POOF* they’re gone. No explanation, no heads up, they just disappear. It’s one of the really shitty and unfair sides of being single and dating. People have so little respect for other people’s feelings that they do not dare to voice their own. It’s a bloody shame, and I’m pretty sure we can do better than that!


💩 The Shareable Memories

You know that moment where you find yourself watching an extraordinary sunset, you travel and something unbelievable takes place, or there’s just a regular day where something small, but beautiful happens. I love moments like that, but sometimes I come across them and I just wish that I had someone that could experience it together with me. Someone that I can later sit and reminisce with. Someone to share the moment that will soon become a memory with. Although I want to mention that each and every moment like that makes me so grateful to be alive and there ❤️

💩 Couple’s Nights

That moment where you find out that you’re the only one at the party who arrives alone. Sometimes you just own it, other times, it feels a little shitty.

💩 Paper (t)Issues

When you find yourself on that white marble seat, needing some toilet paper, and then realizing that you left the newly bought pack of 18 rolls in the kitchen. That’s just shitty, plain and simple. Knight in shining armor (with toilet paper to the rescue), where the fuck are you when you’re needed?!


So there you have it; Some of the shitty sides of being single.

It’s not all laughs, adventures, hot escapades and smiles… But most of the time it’s a pretty awesome life if that’s what you make it into ❤️

Love yourself and the pieces of shit that comes your way won’t matter all that much❤️ Just clean it off, put on a smashing new outfit and rock on! You got this!



Something About Moving On

I’ve written about the subject of letting go and moving on multiple times on this blog, and I will probably continue on writing about it for years to come.

To master the act of letting go and moving on, you have to go through experience after experience, and it will never feel or be exactly the same. Mainly because every relationship we go through is different. The reasons for letting go and having to move in might look very much the same in some situations, but they might feel completely different.

The time it takes will also vary from relationship to relationship. Sometimes it’s as easy as flipping a switch, because you’ve been preparing yourself for it to happen. Other times, it might feel like it takes forever. You’re heart and soul will ache and break till the point where you’re sure that moving on isn’t even an option, but it is.

The feeling is still valid as ever. Your feelings are your truths, and you should never be ashamed of the hurt or the sadness that you’re feeling. It’s a part of the process.

Letting go and moving on is not something one can ever become and expert in. It’s difficult and just like personal growth, it’s something you have to keep working on constantly.

You will make it if you try though. It might not feel like it if you’re in the middle of it right now, and I know that you might not want to hear it, but it’s the absolute truth.

So go through the emotions. Get sad and angry if you need to. Scream to the wind, dance it out, kiss as many as you need to get the taste of him/her off your lips, and then get ready for something new and exciting.

Let go. Move on. And when you’re ready; open up again.

It’s hard, I know. Scares the shit out of me too, but we got this ❤️

Not Everyone Waves Goodbye

(Photo: Kirsti H. Backman)

We say it, we think it, we hear it and we experience it pretty much every single day.

The goodbyes.

Some are silent. Some are loud. Some are just politeness. Some are filled with tears, some with smiles, and some with both. There are goodbyes that needs to be said. There are those who feels like should’ve never happened.

Some people leave. Some are taken. Some we leave behind.

The long one.

Sometimes we know when it will happen. There’s time to say goodbye in all kinds of ways. In every kiss, every hug and every moment of eyes meeting.  Knowing the day will come, but spending it together even though the inevitable goodbye will eventually arrive. And when it does, you realize that you can never really be prepared.

The sudden one.

Sometimes it takes us by surprise.  Leaving you with just enough time to say the words, to get a final moment, or to wave. Sometimes, not even that. Find yourself left behind with so much more you wanted to say but didn’t have the time to. Unprepared and lost for words as to how to express all the emotions running through you.

The much-needed one. 

Sometimes we plan out goodbyes for so long, but put them off out of fear. We know it’s the right thing to do, but the uncertainty of what will happen after the goodbye is so frightening that we choose to postpone it again, and again. Then one day, it finally comes out in the open, and the burden is lifted. But even the most needed goodbyes come with a sense of pain and grief.

The silent one.

Sometimes people just decide to exit without a goodbye. Like a light switch that’s been turned off, they just disappear. You find yourself left behind in a dark place filled with unanswered questions. Instead of getting to say goodbye to that someone, you say goodbye through your tears and your own silence. Hoping that one day, you’ll stop wondering and stop asking the questions. So you whisper your goodbyes to the wind, hoping they might be carried to the right place.


There are all kinds of goodbyes, and they’re happening everywhere all the time. But in the chaos of all the goodbyes, remember that there are also hellos. All the people we encounter throughout a day. All the stories they carry right next to us. The world is filled with friends and lovers we have yet to come to know.

The world is a confusing, but wonderful place. It’s a home to all of us. Look around. Do you really see them? Take the time to pay attention to the people you’re sharing your home with.

Not everyone waves goodbye. Not every goodbye is an ending, but every hello is a potential beginning ❤️





This Breaks My Heart!

Through the stories that I hear and my own experiences over time, I have to say that enough is enough! I’m worried…

When did dating and relationships become THIS thing?! At some point in time, people started treating each other as disposable objects. People are so oversaturated with all that’s available at any given time, that the fear of losing out on something “even better” makes them let go of others without even giving it an extra thought.

People became numbers instead of names. Lovers became distant strangers without a goodbye. Feelings are thrown away like yesterday’s garbage, and so many are used to doing so that they don’t even feel bad about it.

I’m not saying that this is how everyone acts. There are nice, honest and loving people out there! I know many, and I’m grateful for every single one of them.

They are the ones that brighten up your day.

The people that will always have something to say to make you laugh after you’ve shared your stories of heartbreak and sorrow.

The ones that will remind you to not spend time, wasting energy on the people that drag you down and make you feel unworthy.

The ones that love you for you.

The ones that help you along the path to self-love.

The ones that will remind you of why you should love and respect yourself enough to let go of anything toxic that takes up space in your life.

The ones that will always tell you the truth, even though it might hurt.

Those are the real ones! The good people of this world ❤️

And wouldn’t it be nice if (like the good people) everyone would have enough respect for other people’s feelings, to have the guts, to be honest about their own? Because honesty might hurt, but playing games and serving lies (or even worse; just silence) is even more painful. It leaves people with big questions unanswered, trust that’s broken and hard to mend, and hearts shattered into a million pieces.

We need more of the good people out there. We need to all work on loving ourselves and treating ourselves right so that treating others the same way will come as natural as breathing.

Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, and don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours. (one of my favorite quotes from Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann)

We need to be kinder. We need to love more. We need to treat each other better!

We can do better than this ❤️ I know it!


I Needed a Break

I blogged daily for a good three months, and then I found myself completely overwhelmed with stuff that was happening in my personal life, and an inability to properly express myself by writing about it.

I found myself sitting in front of my mac, fingers ready on the keyboard and getting stressed about not feeling it. I felt the pressure that I had put on myself to do the daily post, and I ended up writing ones that I felt could be so much better, and so much more interesting. So when it came to a certain point, I just had to let myself take a break and practice what I preach, give myself some much needed time off and self-love.

But now I’m finally getting back on track, and words do come easier now. Just got back from a trip to California and in my luggage, I also brought a lot of inspiration and motivation!

I’m very excited about getting back to this and to you guys!

And tomorrow my short, but sweet vlog from California will be up here ☺️

I’ll see you guys tomorrow 💛