NOT on a positive note!

For those of you who’s been following me for a while, you know that I like to keep things positive and motivational here in my little corner of the web. And although I have every intention of keeping that up, there are days where I just can’t! Days like today, where I’m honestly just f**king tired of some things. So, I made a little list.

  • I’m tired of cheesy, nasty and downright inappropriate messages. Just because I’m single, that doesn’t give you the right to send pictures of your penis, declaration of horniness, or to get angry when I tell you exactly that. Yesterday I got a message from someone who made the worst joke about how he was looking for a girl that needed the f**k of her life because he just found out that his dad was “probably dying” from cancer, and he wanted to live life to the fullest. Really?! How low! It just had me speechless. Please guys, just don’t be that guy!!
  • I’m tired of Norwegians who’ve been complaining about the cold weather all winter that is now complaining about the warm weather! Come on! Just enjoy it! You travel to places for this kind of heat, and now that you get it here, it’s not good enough for you? We haven’t had a summer like this in YEARS, so just make the most out of it while you can! Take those clothes off, go for a swim, eat ice cream and be grateful!
  • I’m tired of customers who think that their time is more valuable than mine. We’re all humans and we all have lives that are important to us. Please, don’t forget that I have a life outside of my workplace. I’m not a robot who’s here to cater to every and all of your needs. I will gladly help you, that is my job, but if you start to treat me as something less than an equal, that’s not okay. Pretty sure your parents taught you better than that!
  • Let me not even get started on stupid clickbait news titles! Ugh! I know it’s summer and there’s not that much to write about, but I’m pretty sure that there are more interesting things out there than “How to know when you should get divorced!”, “This is how you find a boyfriend!” and “What you should really eat to lose weight!”. Be better than that! Write about something that actually matters!

There. That’s it! That’s a tiny list and a rant about things I’m tired of at the moment.

I won’t apologize for it, but I will promise that my next post will be more on the positive note 😊

Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

4 thoughts on “NOT on a positive note!”

  1. I found it to be refreshing 🙂 (And I mean that in all honesty, not as a ploy to gain your affections!)

  2. To me personally a good rant can be just as uplifting, if not more, than motivational writing 🙂 If you’re interested in philosophy and critical debate then both Areo Magazine and Quillette offer quite a lot of in-depth articles on a wide range of topics – all for free.

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