Dawn in Damnation by Clark Casey 📚 BOOK REVIEW


Clark Casey

I read a paperback version of Dawn in Damnation that was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Paranormal, Western, Horror.

Publisher: Lyrical Underground

Originally published: October 31st, 2017

Pages: 182 (Paperback)



Blurb by the Publisher:

Welcome To Damnation . . .where every living soul is as dead as a doornail. Except one.

Buddy Baker is a dead man. Literally. After gunning down more men than Billy the Kid and being hung by a rope necktie for his crimes-the jolly, fast-drawing fugitive reckoned he’d earned himself a nonstop ticket to hell. Instead, he finds himself in Damnation: a gun-slinging ghost town located somewhere between heaven and hell.

There are no laws in Damnation. Only two simple rules: If you get shot, you go directly to hell. If you stay alive without shooting anyone for one year, you just might get into heaven.

Hardened outlaws pass the time in the saloon playing poker and wagering on who will get sent to hell next while trying not to anger the town’s reclusive vampire or the quarrelsome werewolves. Buddy winds up in everyone’s crosshairs after swearing to protect a pretty gal who arrives in Damnation pregnant. Her child might end up a warm-blooded meal for the supernatural residents, or it could be a demon spawn on a mission to destroy them all.

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My Thoughts:

When Clark contacted me about his book, and I got to read about it, I was immediately intrigued! I love horror, paranormal and western, and this one promised to have it all packed into one. And after I fell in love with The Dark Tower series by Stephen King some years ago, I’ve been craving something along the same line.

The blurb had so much going on that I thought it couldn’t be possible to pack all of that into such a short book! But I was wrong!

I flew through Dawn in Damnation and I loved the western setting of it all. How there are characters like vampires and werewolves but in a unique and interesting way.

The world that Clark Casey has created grabbed me at the very beginning and I got completely lost in it! It’s so dark and mysterious. The characters are filled with depth and interesting back stories. I’m also a sucker for some dark humor, and Dawn in Damnation definitely delivered that.

That being said, because it’s such a short and quick read, I don’t want to say much more about the story so that I don’t spoil anything. Just let it grab you and take you for a ride!

I can’t wait to continue on with this series and see where it goes!

Thank you, Clark, for sending this book my way! I absolutely loved it!


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