Things I Crave When I’m Sick

I’m always slightly amazed by the things that I crave when I’m sick that I barely crave otherwise.

Here are some of my cravings:

Green Grapes

When I was a little girl, my mom would always buy green grapes for me whenever I had to stay home because I was sick. I’m guessing that because of that I now automatically crave green grapes whenever I’m stuck at home with a cold and high fever.

Urge the Soda

Also known as SURGE in other countries. Why they changed the name here in Norway I do not know. This is a soda that I rarely drink. I actually rarely drink soda at all, but for some reason I crave this one whenever I’m sick. Have no logical explanation for it.

Emotional Movies

Maybe I’ll just cry the sickness out of me? Well, I know it doesn’t work like that, but for some reason I always seem drawn towards the more emotional movies and Netflix shows when I’m feeling under the weather.

And also, a good cry feels good now and then! Just saying…

Ice Cream

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I very rarely crave ice cream in the middle of the winter, but it sure does feel nice for a soar throat to get a little bit of that cold and creamy sweetness. And especially like today, when I barely had the energy to get my sick ass from my bedroom to my bathroom, and then realized I was all out of toilet paper! So, I had to go to the store. And yes, I did check to see if I had any napkins or paper towels instead (as one does), but no such luck. So when I got myself to the store and felt like I was dying in the process to get there, I definitely felt like I deserved a tiny bucket of ice cream all to myself. No shame, no regrets!

Hugs and Backrubs

Now, I’m very comfortable in my situation as single and living on my own, but I sure do miss those comforting hugs and backrubs whenever I’m sick. I usually have my son or my dog here to at least offer the hugs and love, but right now, none of them are home. So instead, I’m the one hugging my warm water bottle, and when it comes to the backrub, I guess I should invest in one of those massage chairs or something. Because I have to admit that eve though I manage most things perfectly well on my own, massaging my own back is definitely not one of them.

Black Currant Toddy

This is a warm drink that brings me back to my childhood, although I can’t really recall it being something that used to be present when I was sick. But I think that because coffee doesn’t really taste that great to me whenever my tastebuds are messed up by a cold, I tend to crave sweeter tasting hot drinks like toddies and teas.

Chunky Books

I know, this one sounds like it makes absolutely no sense, but hear me out!

I usually reach for the not so chunky books because I do most of my reading on the go, and bringing a chunky book with me everywhere isn’t really that practical. Now, when I’m sick like I am right now, I tend to struggle with really bad headaches, and when I do, I don’t feel like reading at all. All I want to do is stay in a dark room, sleep, drink water and wait for it to pass. But when the headaches do subside, I do try to reach for the books again. And for once then I’m in a rare position where I’m not going anywhere, so reaching for the chunkier books kind of just happens. The backside to it is that I usually get well before I’m even close to finishing that book, so I have to drag it around with me anyways, but then again, I get to finally read a book that I might’ve been putting off just because I find the size to be intimidating. I might even end up loving it, and finding a new favorite book or author, and that’s always a treat💖

So, those are some of the things that I crave when I’m sick. Do you get any specific cravings when feeling under the weather?

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