How About We Don’t Give Terrorism a Face?

The last few days have been painted in sadness by the horrible attacks in New Zealand and the Netherlands. There is no way to really wrap my mind around the evil and hatred behind these acts, and my thoughts go out to all the victims and their families❤️

You can help by donating here:
United for Christchurch Mosque Shootings

In this writing moment, I couldn’t find a donations page for the victims of the Utrecht attack, but I will update the post with a link to it as soon as one is created.

We now live in an age where terrorist attacks, unfortunately, has become a sort of new and horrible normal. We still get that uneasy feeling and the fear for our own safety of living our day to day lives whenever a new terrorist attack happens. We still morn all the ones who are hurt, passes away, and all the people who are left behind without their loved ones. We still get baffled and confused by the anger and cruelty of these actions.

I hope that this will never change. I hope that most people will continue to unite through love when faced when hatred and senseless acts of violence.

The best thing would be for the terrorism to stop altogether, but I am not optimistic enough about that ever happening.
But there is one thing that I wish would stop.

I wish we didn’t give terrorism a face in the media. I wish we didn’t give them the opportunity to have a platform to spread their hate.

By giving the attacks a known face we make it hard for people to disconnect the horrible acts of one or several people from the fear of people that might look similar. We give hate fame and a growing following, and they don’t deserve to have that wish come true.

I love news outlets like Philip DeFranco’s YouTube channel for making the conscious choice to not share these people’s faces on his news show!

I think it’s important for us to learn from vicious acts so that we can try to prevent them from happening. It’s important to know what is suspicious behavior, not to recognize a certain kind of face as a suspicious kind of feature. We already live in a world where it’s harder and harder to not judge too fast.

And I know the news media fights over getting the most clicks and read articles, so hoping for a change like this is not very likely, but I still hold on to that wish, and I refuse to let go!

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