Waste by K. Bevis 📚 BOOK REVIEW

My review of Waste by K. Bevis

I read a Kindle edition of Waste: A Dark Science Fiction Adventure that was given to me for free from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Genre: Science fiction, Erotica

Publisher: K. Bevis

Originally published: September 10th, 2019

Pages: 181 (Kindle edition)

Synopsis by the publisher:

A radioactive wasteland. A man who isn’t entirely human. And a powerful evil that wants her dead.

Ode isn’t having the best year and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better any time soon.

Something dark and twisted is prowling the landscape, attacking people and leaving their mutilated bodies behind. Not that things aren’t bad already. There is a cult obsessed with evolution. the world has been destroyed by nuclear war and mutated creatures lurk in the shadows.

But now, whatever is behind the carnage has fixed its sights on Ode and it will stop at absolutely nothing until she’s dead. That’s if her inherited powers don’t off her first.

Forced to partner with the enigmatic City leader Cain and having to reconsider everything she’s ever been told about her life and history, Ode must find the truth behind the creeping darkness before it destroys her already broken world.

WASTE is a dark science fiction adventure with a strong female heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. It is twisted and weird and soaked in radiation. It is not for the faint of heart, but for the adventurer who likes their science fiction books to have a splash of horror, a dash of survival fiction and a streak of dark romance.

Go on, be brave, give it a try.

My thoughts:

One thing is pretty clear from the very beginning of this story, and that is that it’s a graphic story. So, if you’re not into stories containing sex and violence, this is not the book for you! 

Now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, let’s talk about the awesomeness of this erotic and action-packed science fiction novel.

As the author puts it, ever so accurately; It is twisted and weird and soaked in radiation.

We meet Ode, a strong and independent female protagonist, living in a radiated wasteland. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and do so quite often to stay alive. Ode is not like the humans we know today, and whenever her bloodlust comes over her, the only way to not go into a killing frenzy is to have sex.

I really enjoyed getting to know Ode as a character. She’s such a strong female lead to this story, and even though she’s a sexually active and strong woman, we also get to see the softer side of her personality throughout this book. There’s a character development there that I feel like could have been explored even more than it was, but considering this is the first book in a series, I’m hoping to get to know more in the next book.

Ode’s past and the radiated world that she’s living in is soaked in darkness and mystery, and I really enjoyed exploring it and its characters, and seeing how the pieces all fit together, although it felt slightly rushed a couple of times. 

I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next in this series!

If you’re looking for something that’s dark, twisted and weird, with a dash of erotica and a whole lot of action, then I would definitely recommend Waste. 

But be aware, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

If you want to get your own copy of Waste, click on the Amazon logo below👇🏻

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Author: Christina de Vries

Writer, YouTuber and Creative Soul! Come into my world and see ❤️

7 thoughts on “Waste by K. Bevis 📚 BOOK REVIEW”

  1. I love post-apocalyptic stuff and gratuitous sex, I’ll have to check this out, thanks for the pointer!

      1. Great, I purchased it through affiliate link to app on mobile, hope that worked for you 🤔

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