I’ve Been Uneducated and Naive. I’m Sorry!

Over the last few weeks, our focus around the world has had a major shift from pandemic to racism and Black Lives Matter.

I wish that the reality was that we didn’t need this movement. That we as people understood that all lives matter, no matter how they look, where they come from, or how they define themselves. But the truth of the matter is that this is a movement that should’ve been bigger a long time ago. It should’ve gotten the attention it’s gotten now way sooner.
The fact that so many black men and women had to die before we got to where we are now is so sad and hard to swallow.

I’ve had the luxury of growing up as white, in a country where racism isn’t as showcased and as visibly frequent as it is in many other countries. And because of that, I’ve made the mistake of being naive and uneducated on the subject. For this, I am truly sorry!

I’ve always known that racism was alive, but I haven’t spent enough energy and time on educating myself on the subject or being the best ally that I could be.
This is going to change. As a book blogger and BookTuber, I need to prioritize reading more books about the subject, but also to read broadly by choosing books written by black authors. I need to be a more diverse reader on so many levels.
I also need to sit down and watch the documentaries and have the conversations and discussions that are uncomfortable.

I need to stand up for others and use my voice whenever I come across racism.
I’m ashamed when I think about how many times I’ve heard family members tell racist jokes that made me cringe on the inside, and yet I didn’t say a word. I’m sorry about that too!

I will work harder and do better, not just right now, but for the rest of my life. I will put in the work and the time, and I wish I’d have done it sooner.
I’m sorry that I’ve allowed myself to keep quiet! I’m sorry that I haven’t educated myself more! I’m sorry that I didn’t realize just how bad this is before now!

And I know that a few apologies from my little corner of the internet don’t change much, but it’s a start. It’s a start that so many of us need to make.
As I mentioned, I wish we didn’t have to be here, but now that we are, I’m grateful for the wake up call! I definitely needed it, and I know that I’m not alone in this!

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