About me

Welcome to my little corner of the web! 

My name is Christina, and I’m a writer, YouTuber and all around creative soul.

This blog is a place for me to share my work, thoughts, videos and who knows what! Stick around to find out!

I love traveling, literature, poetry, philosophy, yoga, vegan food, animals, tattoos, adventures and unexpected beauty!

I’m a firm believer of there being beauty in the most unlikely places, you just have to open your eyes! And I will try to share as much of the beauty I find with you!

I hope you’ll come along for the rideπŸ’›


Have anything you would like to share or tell me? Business inquiries or maybe a book you want me to read and review? Write me an e-mail and I promise to respond to you as quickly as I can:-)



13 thoughts on “About me”

    1. That definitely sounds interesting to write about, but I have very little experience when it comes to street-level USA. I’ve only traveled there once and that was about thirteen years ago πŸ˜›

      1. Ha. I thought about this after I wrote it. How can you compare unless you knew about the US? I guess we’re stuck Googling each other’s nations.

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