I Fell in Love With a Couple of Indie Movies!

Sharing a couple of movies I’ve watched and loved recentlyπŸŽ₯

After I had two of my wisdom teeth removed a little over a week ago, I had a couple of days where I just didn’t have the energy to do much other than lie on the couch and watch Netflix.

It’s been a while since I’ve explored the indie movie selection on Netflix, even though I love stumbling across quirky, weird films that stand out. This time though, I stumbled across two that I loved, and I thought I’d share them with you!

Unicorn Store (2017)

Unicorns, lots of colors, and a dash of magic in the world of a grown up?!
I was sold by the idea as soon as I came across it, and jumped right in!

I absolutely loved Brie Larson and her character in this movie. It’s so filled with color and magic, and a quite a lot of anxiety and fear about the whole concept of growing up and making the right choices as an adult.

I can definitely relate!

The Incredible
Jessica James (2017)

Woman struggling as an artist and as a single woman… Well, that sounds familiar! Press play!

Jessica Williams plays the character Jessica James so well, and I just loved how funny and strong of a female lead she is! Not every movie about being single has to have a damsel in distress feel to it, even if they are showing the hard parts about getting over someone and trying to move on.

We need more strong leads as Jessica who are outspoken, confident, and not afraid to be sex positive!

So, there you have it! Just a couple of movie recommendations for you!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any of these two movies, and what you thought of them😁And/or if you have some good recommendations for quirky movies then let me know!

Sweet Free Books!!

If you haven’t heard about Sweet Free Books then you are in for a treat!!

Although a Kindle tablet is placed high on this years wish list I have really gotten to know and love the Kindle App that I’m using more and more on my HTC One.

So today I got a pleasant surprise when I got a new follower on Twitter. Sweet Free Books (@sweetfreebooks) was my new follower and I was intrigued. Free books you say? This I had to check out!

And this is so amazing! You sign up for their newsletter and they send you mail everyday with specially selected free books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When you sign up you also register your favorite genres so that the everyday newsletter is custom made after your book taste.

Is there anything NOT to love?!? I’ve been subscribing for about, oh, four hours and my Kindle App already has four new books on it!

Try it out for yourself! Click on the Sweet Free Books logo to get to their site and sign up!


Top 5 Apps of June!

June has come and passed and better later than never, here are my most used apps of June πŸ™‚

1. Minion Rush


We’ve been waiting for the sequel to Despicable Me for a while now and Gameloft gave us a little tease with the game Minion Rush. It has a lot of resemblance to Subway Surfer, but I actually think this game was a lot more fun.

See for yourself:

2. Duolingo


I love languages and the power of words. That’s why I’ve always wanted to learn as many languages as I can. I tried to learn French in school, but the teachers weren’t very good so I’m giving it a new go with the help of Duolingo. It’s a fun and easy way to learn the basics of a new language.

3. Polamatic


As I’ve shown you guys more than once, I’m a sucker for anything Polaroid! So when I saw the Polaroid app on Google Play I just had to give it a go!

It’s been fun taking some of our vacation photos with the retro feel of Polaroid on my phone πŸ™‚


4. Sleep as Android


When I got this app I actually started to wish that either Simon or I talked in our sleep πŸ˜› Not so exciting to listen to recordings of caughing and turning. But I could definitely see a connection to when the app told me I had little deep sleep and how I felt during the day afterwards.

Sleep as Android lets you keep track of your sleeping and it works as an alarm and wakes you up when you’re out of your deepest sleep.


5. Sonic 1


Nostalgia!!! I used to play Sonic a lot when I was younger, and to be able to walk around with a big dose of nostalgia in my pocket is absolutely awesome!!

Travel back in time by the touch of a finger πŸ™‚


There you have it! My top 5 and most used apps of Junes!

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what your favorite apps are πŸ™‚


Touch This – Top 5 Apps of May

There are times when I don’t feel like reading, writing or doing anything creative at all, and in times like that I usually reach out to my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

So today I’m going to share my top 5 apps of May. These are the apps that I used the most during the last month.

1. Nimble Quest

com.nimblebit.nimblequest516783a32c84fAs I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’m a huge fan of 8- and 16-bit games, so when I first saw this app in the Play Store I just had to try it out. And boy did it get me hooked on it! Nimble quest is an advanced version of the good old game of snake that I remember I just couldn’t stop playing on my Nokia 3210 πŸ˜› And I would be embarressed if I got to know how many hours I’ve put into this game.


2. Pinterest

mzl.ipgbmhvdNot wanting to do anything creative doesn’t mean that I’m not receptive for some inspiration! And that’s where Pinterest is so genius! I can easily find inspiration to new projects and save them for later with the touch of a finger. Love it!

You can follow me on Pinterest as well to see some of my creative projects. Just search for featherpen87 πŸ™‚

3. Pixel Hospital

Hospital-Story-01Another game that’s right up my alley! This game is pretty new to me, but one that I often find myself playing. In this game you’re in charge of a hospital and has to make sure that all of the patients get the treatment they need and leave as happy customers, and if you’re not quick at the touch here your patients will get unhappy and even die.

Simple and addictive πŸ˜›


4. PicsArt

picsart-photo-studioI take a lot of photos with my phone and I like to edit them from time to time so that I can give them that little extra more than the filters that Instagram provides. Here PicsArt is brilliant! And with the S-pen on the Note II it makes this app even more user friendly. It lets you edit and mace collages fast and easy with a gorgeous result. You can also share your finished result with other users through the PicsArt app and network.

wpid-PicsArt_1369855170784.jpgThis picture that I posted a few days back was edited in PicsArt.

5. goodreads

goodreadsgoodreads is an excellent site for everyone that loves to read. Here you see what your friends are reading at the moment and what they thought of it. And you can share all the books you’ve read with an own little review.

goodreads will also recommend books for you based on the books that you’ve given good ratings. This is brilliant for readers like me that often have the tendency to stick to just a few writers just because I don’t know where to start looking and I don’t want to buy books at total random.


So there you have it, my top 5 apps of May. Let me know what you think and if you have any apps to recommend for me then fire away!! I will try them out and get back to you!

I’m thinking about doing a list like this the first of every month, depending on how you readers respond to it πŸ™‚ I’ve seen that there’s been a lot of activity on my site lately and I’m so grateful for all of you guys that takes a trip into my little Geek Heaven!

Thank you!!!



Look what I got in the mail!!!

This is by far one of the geekest and coolest accessories I own at the moment!


Just had to post a quick post to share them with you guys!

Anf if you want a pair of your own then I can recommend the seller I bought them from on eBay. Her name is roselover88809.Β  Shipping was fast amd they were in good condition.Β  Just remember to order to pieces because they don’t come in sets.


Decorating walls!

A while backΒ  I ordered some removable wall decals so that I easily could decorate my walls without having to do something really permanent. Yesterday I got two of them.

This one went up next to our dinner table:


And this one went into the bedroom:


It turned out really well. The first one had really good quality and was easy to get in place. Second one was a disappointment. It went apart and got destroyed by the smallest touch. There were a lot more to the picture than just the cats and star/moons, but it was all destroyed when I tried to get it up on the wall :/

So I will only recommend the high quality one for you guys. The other one was just a source of irritation on my part even though the parts that didn’t break turned out nice.

The seller I bought from on eBay doesn’t have more of the same one out for sale at the moment, so HERE is a link to another shop that sells the same one πŸ™‚


Geek Heaven Hands on The Game of the Year

After my boyfriend and I bought ourselves the new iPad this fall we’ve been actively searching for games that we can play together (other than yatzy and Ticket to Ride) but it’s not that easy.
We both love hidden objects games and the first one we found that we really enjoyed together was Drawn and Drawn 2.



We found it visually beautiful and with a lot of good puzzles and riddles. And it had a pretty good story to it as well.
After we finished the two we didn’t really find anything we liked for a while, but we started to hear talk about Fireproof Studios‘ game The Room and we decided to give it a try. We forgot it then for some time and finally downloaded it a couple of days ago.

The game is extremely well made. Visually it’s close to perfection! We enjoyed the puzzles and riddles and the fact that it only costed about a dollar made us feel that we got more than we paid for. But even though we were extremely happy discovering this game and fully understand that is was named the game of the year on the App Store, but there were still a few things we missed.
First off it could have been a lot longer, but we do understand that it takes time to make as visual games as this. So we do hope that they do come with more games like this.
Second, the finishing puzzle should (by experience) be one of the toughest but in this case the last chapter was just too easy. Everything up to that chapter was a good variation of difficulty levels, but we did expect a bit more of the ending to this well made game.



But all in all it’s a highly recommendable game to play either alone or together. Kudos to Fireproof Studios for making a visual beauty of a game! And congratulations on winning Game of the Year 2012!

My (not so new) obsession!

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series for a while now. It’s taken me longer than it usually would to read them, but I’m picking up pace now a days.

I’m on book number five at the moment “Wolves of the Calla”, and these books just keeps on surprising me.

I’ve never read anything that that has made me as confused and as mesmerized as these books.

The mind of Stephen King is nothing short but amazing, and he is one of the authors that inspires my writing the most.

The story of Roland the Gunslinger takes you into different places of the world at different times. It’s a whirlwind of emotions and beautiful imagery.

It’s hard to say anything about the story line without giving too much away, and frankly it’s even hard to know where to start.

But the story revolves around Roland’s search for the Dark Tower, and the people that he meets along the way.

Roland as a person is a complicated person and quite a mystery that unravels a little bit at a time.


If you like western, fantasy and thrillers then here is a series of novels for you.

Let Stephen King take you to Roland’s world and spellbind you!

I highly recommend it!

A new addition to the geek family!

No I’m not pregnant πŸ˜›

But there are some gadgets that are loved in this tiny little family and recently I got a new favorite.

My boyfriend gave me something for my birthday that I’ve had a huge geek crush on for a real long time!

polaroid-z340-photoThe Polaroid Z340!

It’s a polaroid and a digital camera! Supports SD card and lets you choose which pictures you’d like to instantly print!

I just love this! And I’m so thankful for having such an amazing boyfriend who really puts thought into my birthday presents ❀

I’ll be posting some examples of the prints another time πŸ™‚