I Needed a Break

I blogged daily for a good three months, and then I found myself completely overwhelmed with stuff that was happening in my personal life, and an inability to properly express myself by writing about it.

I found myself sitting in front of my mac, fingers ready on the keyboard and getting stressed about not feeling it. I felt the pressure that I had put on myself to do the daily post, and I ended up writing ones that I felt could be so much better, and so much more interesting. So when it came to a certain point, I just had to let myself take a break and practice what I preach, give myself some much needed time off and self-love.

But now I’m finally getting back on track, and words do come easier now. Just got back from a trip to California and in my luggage, I also brought a lot of inspiration and motivation!

I’m very excited about getting back to this and to you guys!

And tomorrow my short, but sweet vlog from California will be up here ☺️

I’ll see you guys tomorrow 💛


Taking a Break

When it comes to the summer holiday I don’t really have to go far away to get in the holiday mode at all. I just need to go home, home to my hometown.

Leander and me will be spending some time in Tønsberg/Nøtterøy and have some quality time with our family. And it feels so good to just take a break from our home and go to visit another one of our homes.

You all know how much I enjoy my travelling, and crave that feeling of jumping on a plane and going off on a new adventure, but sometimes it just feels good to go back to places you know and love.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written a post every summer about how wonderful Tønsberg is in the summer time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar post ends up here this year as well.

So right now I’m taking a break. Not from writing, reading and filming, but a break from everyday life. And a much needed one at that!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!

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