I Just Want to Dance!

As a kid I took a couple of dancing classes, but for some reason (that I have to say that now regret) I stopped. But even though I stopped taking the classes, I never stopped dancing.

Not a day goes by without me dancing. A lot of it happens in my own living room, the shower or the kitchen, but I do love to go out and dance as well.

Leander started dancing last fall, and for every time that I go with him, and I watch all the dancers that moves around, I itch to go back and become a better dancer.

And whenever I feel that itch coming on strong, I always end up watching the same movie.


It’s far from a perfect movie, but there’s something so magical about the art of burlesque. I’ve been a huge fan of the dancing style for many years, and this movie just makes me so happy, as well as it makes me dance around every room in my apartment.

And after doing exactly that this weekend, I have decided it is time that I get back into dancing again. So I’ve started looking at burlesque classes and workshops. It’ll probably have to wait until later this year, but I’m thinking it’s about bloody time I checked another thing off my bucket list!

One of the things that I think is so extremely important is to never stop learning. To always aspire to seek out new knowledge. This is another way for me to do exactly that! And the big, wonderful bonus is the great workout that dancing is!

I can’t wait to get started, but until that, I will continue on dancing around in my home, and anywhere else I feel like!



Feeling That Song

Music has always been somewhat of an addiction for me. Depending on how I feel I need to have music and lurics I can relate to around to really be able to be in touch with what I feel. It’s that and writing. If I lost either one I have no clue as to how I would be able to go on.

And here are some of the songs that I can’t get enough of at his time of my life.