Insomnia Baking – SHORT STORY

One night at the beginning of a new year, a body lay tossing and turning for hours in bed. She searched for the path into dreamland, but every direction she took led her to dark places of worries and thoughts.

Her body grew restless of the searching, and in all the darkness and silence, she found herself in the safe space of her kitchen. Out of cupboards, her hands found the ingredients to a recipe she knew so well.

The flour was her worry.

The sugar was the dreams she hardly dared to believe in.

The baking powder was the growing restlessness.

The vanilla was the opportunities that were lost.

The cocoa was the bittersweet memories.

The oil was the ones who had slipped away.

The maple syrup was for those she hoped would stay.

The rice milk was the hope of something better.

While she mixed it all together, a song she didn’t know she knew came straight from her heart and flowed through the kitchen. Her hands worked through all that troubled her. The smell of sweetness brought peace to her mind.

She had let go of all her troubles, and sent them in the oven.

And what came out was cookies filled with love.

She sprinkled them with sea salt, for the tears she did not cry.

Packed them up to share.

She smiled and lay down on her bed.

The path was finally there.

©Christina de Vries

The Mark ● POEM

One circle connected to another 

The mark of infinity 

One my fingers have made 

On skin without me noticing

Tracing a wish for no ending

On shells of souls I wanted to stay 

But neither of them turned into forever

They would stay for a little while 

But one after the other 

They spread their wings and left

Leaving my hands to make marks

Of forever into thin air 

On paper, in the sand and on my own skin

I got to know my own shell that way 

Came to love it, and thought 

Infinity with love sounds nice

As long as I love the skin I’m in

Sharing my soul with me

Is quite the privilege 

One I’d taken for granted

One I came to know and love

In so many new ways

I stopped drawing looping circles

Spread my own wings and flew 

Never quite leaving,  but wandering

Going places I never thought I would

Seeing faces I will never forget

My heart and soul filled with marks 

Ones that fade over time

But hopefully never leaves

©️Christina de Vries