Welcome back Google Maps!

It would be quite the understatement saying that removing Google maps from the iPhone and replacing it with their own map system did not turn out as much of a success as Apple would have hoped for.

It didn’t take lang before we had maps showing oceans where there weren’t, land where there’s ocean and islands that doesn’t exist.

And lets not forget the 3D mapping 😛

apple maps fail

So now that Google Maps has reappeared as a free app in the app store, no wonder it’s on top!


Well what can I say?

It’s okay to try to go your own way, but sometimes it’s really not a good idea to try to fix something that ain’t broken.

Welcome back Google Maps! You’ve been dearly missed by iPhone users around the globe!


Apple and YouTube breaks up!

The legal battle between Apple and Google is starting to show. First Apple came out and told us that they would get rid of Google Maps in favor of their own mapping system, now they’ve confirmed that the integrated YouTube app that we all know from their devices will not be present on their iOS 6.

The official statement from Apple is this:

“License to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended.”

Who do they think they’re kidding? 😛 I’m pretty sure that by the time we see a new iPhone on the market it won’t have a single Google app on their home screen.

But who knows? Maybe now that Google don’t have all their strings attached to Apple they’ll make an even more smooth YouTube experience through the new app.

Time will show!