Joyland by Stephen King – REVIEW

The story of JoyJoylandland is set in 1973. Devin Jones (a university student) takes a summer job at Joyland, an amusement park in North Carolina. After finishing his interview at the amusement park he has a conversation with the park’s fortuneteller. She tells him that during his time at Joyland he will meet two children. A girl with a red hat and a boy with a dog. One of them has the sight.

His summer at Joyland comes with new friends, adventures and new found talent for “wearing the fur” as they call the job of walking around in the park inside the costume of Howie the Happy Hound, Joyland’s mascot.

Devin and his friends learn that several years previous to them a working there, a young girl was murdered in The Haunted House, but the murderer was never caught. Rumors go around about the girl’s ghost being seen inside The Haunted House more than one and both Devin and his friends are intrigued and wants to see her.

Will they be able to see her? Will the murderer get caught? And where does this summer job that Devin loves so much take him?


Joyland is (as any Stephen King novel) a story of mystery and curiosity. It had me glued from the beginning and was very entertaining. The character development of Devin Jones is amazingly well written. It was not my favorite Stephen King novel but I enjoyed very much as a fast paced and exciting read.


One of my favorite quotes from Joyland:

“When you’re twenty-one, life is a roadmap. It’s only when you get to be twenty-five or so that you begin to suspect that you’ve been looking at the map upside down, and not until you’re forty are you entirely sure. By the time you’re sixty, take it from me, you’re fucking lost.”


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