Let’s Laugh More!

On Friday I was at a birthday party and I was sitting with my childhood friend, talking about life. We’ve talked a little lately about the kind of humor that we think is reserved for people who’ve been friends for years and years. There’s just something about having grown up together that makes you know each other so well that you know exactly what you can joke about or not, no matter how nonpolitically correct it may seem to others.

Because of our talks about this, I’ve been thinking a lot about laughing lately. About that wonderful feeling of just letting a laugh break free. And one thing that I wasn’t really aware of how much I was missing had stuck in my brain. I looked at my best friend in the whole world and I said:

“You know what I wish for more of in my life? I wish for more of those moments where you laugh so hard that you can’t stand up straight. Those moments where you’re unable to stop laughing, the tears start to come and you’re almost afraid you’re going to piss yourself!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had those laughing fits as an adult too, but not nearly as often as I did as a kid. I laugh a lot, and I have so much fun with my friends and my family, so why don’t these fits come along more often?

And my wonderful soulmate of a friend just looked at me and said:

“We’ll just have to make those moments come! I think we need to do more! Just get out there and try more new things and be even more childish!”

And we did act more like our childlike selves that evening! I had so much fun ❤️

Then today, when I was thinking more about this, I went through old photos on the search of frozen memories of laughter, and I found out there’s quite a lot. And even though I wish for more laughter in my laugh, I’m sitting here, grinning and being so extremely grateful for having the wonderful people that I do have in my laugh that makes me laugh as much as they do. I hope I bring as much laughter into their lives as they bring into mine ❤️

So let’s not be so serious! Let’s laugh more!