I Did It!!!

I really needed something to cheer me up after being stuck under the covers with a nasty cold, and yesterday I got exactly that.
I sold my first piece!! The Norwegian magazine Cupido sent me an email late last night to tell me that they want to buy my story! Erotic short stories is something that I do as a sort of hobby to let my thoughts drift and clean my head a bit, and now I’m actually getting paid for one of them!
I can’t believe I’m going to see one of my fictional stories in print, signed with my name for the first time!! For some it might just be an erotic short story, but for me this is the beginning. Another piece of motivation to write even more. To submit more of my short stories, not just erotica but other types of magazines and competitions.
My top priority is to work on my novel of course, but sometimes a writer needs a little break and some space from the big project and at times like that a short story or a poem is perfect as a diversion while still keeping the creative writing juices flowing!
I will let you guys know when the magazine is up for grabs 🙂
And while I wait, my smile and motivation has grown a little bigger!


My new hobby!

As you might have seen in my previews video to my love that I’ve gotten myself a new hobby!

With good help from tutorials online and my mother (by phone) I’ve learned how to knit 🙂

I started out with something as simple as a cap.

It was pretty easy and fun to make. But the scary part is that it got me hooked! I’ve always been a crafts geek and I love having (and giving away) things that are made with love!

So now I’ve gone over to knitting socks 🙂

My son asked me if I could knit some socks for him as well when I’m done with my own flashy blue ones! So I guess I’ll have to make another pair when I’m done with these 😛

I’m hoping to learn more techniques so that I can make something more advanced soon. Maybe a cute sweater 🙂

Time will show 🙂

Added knitting to the list of geekiness – CHECK!