An extra excuse for playing with Lego?

Not that you actually need one! Even as an adult Lego never gets uncool 😛

But how about combining Lego, iPod touch and apps with endless possibilities?

That’s where Tinkerbrick comes in!

They’ve made a Lego case for the iPod 4G that allows you to use that brilliant imagination of yours to make your device into anything!

How about a spider?

Or a guitar?

Mod your iPod on the go! Make a stand for it, a spaceship, truck or give it handles!

There are free apps exampled on Tinkerbricks website that you can use to really make your new Lego toy be more interactive.

The Tinkerbrick case is available at Amazon for $32,95 and comes in black, yellow, red and white.

How long before we’ll see a case like this for the iPad?? Or maybe even for Android devices??