My Dream Day

As a Live a Great Story Ambassador, we get weekly challenges, and the challenge for this week was all about visualising your dreams. Writing them down with as much detail as you can, and to manifest it! Because when it comes to working against your goals and dreams, it’s so important to have a clear view of what it is that you want. Law of attraction is no joke guys 😉

So I thought I would share my dream day with you!

My dream day would start pretty early. I don’t really see myself waking up any place in particular, but it would be a place with an interesting view. Because when I get to where I want to be, anywhere in the world will be a potential office for the day.

I would get up and do some morning yoga, preferably outside with the sun on my skin.

Then I would meditate for a little while before it is time for a good and healthy vegan breakfast. After that I would make myself a cup of coffee and I would write down the things I’m grateful for, to start the day on the most positive note possible. 

After that it would be time to work. I would bring my mac or a notebook to a nearby coffee shop and sit down for a few hours. There I would write away on my current project while enjoying good coffee, surrounded by wonderful strangers, and maybe some that were no longer strangers. I would get inspiration from the vibe around me, and I would put it into my written words. 

After writing for a while, I would put away my mac/notebook, find my camera and start filming. Either from my “home office” or out and about, depending on the project I had in mind. This particular day that I have in mind, I’m somewhere new, and I would be walking around the city, exploring with my camera. I would capture all of the wonderful places and faces I would meet on my new adventure. Throughout the day I would taste interesting food, and talk to interesting people. Taking in the city and all it has to offer. Later, when I’ve uploaded all my footage and changed for the evening, I would go for a drink and have a look at what the city would be like at night. 

And depending on what that evening would bring, I would either end up having a social night or to go back to my current home and end the day with some writing or editing. 

And then I would crawl under the covers with a big smile on my face, already looking forward to the next day and all its new adventures!

So there you have it! My dream day would consist of writing, filming and traveling. I plan on doing a lot more of all three in the time that’s to come, and maybe my dream day isn’t as far away as I thought when this year started 💛

What would your dream day be like?

What are you doing March 7th? Postponed until April 4th!

I’m going to be a proper nervous wreck and you’re all invited to witness it! How about that?!

A good while ago (way too long actually) I did a post about how I wanted to do slam poetry on stage in the near future. That didn’t happen, and I’m thinking it’s about time that I do something about that!


It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Slam! night at CaféTeatret in Oslo (they host it once every month), but yesterday I went together with Kirsti, Torje and Kaya and they asked me if I was going to get up on stage this time around. The pressure was on, and a part of me really wanted to, while another part of me was looking for a big black hole to sink into just thinking about it. Because here’s the thing; I have a weird thing about being on stage with a microphone. I can easily get up on a stage and do a whole thing about something work related, or talk about a subject that I’m passionate about. I can do it without breaking a sweat. But getting up in front of people to present my own work is a whole different story!

Not only do I break out all of the sweats, but I black out! I’m not even kidding! It’s not that I choke, but I just can’t remember my own performance afterwards. It happened both in my dad’s 50th birthday party, and in my sister’s 40th birthday party. Both times I wrote a personal poem, both times I got up in front of a lot of faces and shared my writing, and both times is just as much a black hole lost from my memory. From what I’ve been told both performances were really good, and they loved the poems, but for some reason my brain just won’t let me participate in the party! I remember getting up, THEN NOTHING, and then I come back when they’re applauding.

What kind of weird defence mechanism is that?

But, as you guys know, I’m all about getting out of my comfort zone and grow, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. So I promised my friends that March 7th will be the day where I get up on that stage and share my own writing!

I will be filming it and post it to YouTube if I’m happy with the result, but if you want to see it live and in all it’s awkwardly nervous gloriousness, then you can follow me on Instagram, because I will be livestreaming it there!


So why am I posting this here if I’m so freaking nervous about it? Because as soon as this post goes live for everyone to see, then I really have to do it! No turning back! And I encourage you to hold me to it!

So, will I see you there? 

You Are What You Love, Not Who Loves You!

Back in the day, when I was a kid, I had so many plans for my future. I had plans to be exactly where I wanted to be by the time I was 25, and I would not even think about starting a family before that had happened. Needless to say, things didn’t really go as planned. I’m pretty sure that’s the truth for most of us when we look back on our lives.

I am now 30. I have a 10 year old son. I’m a dedicated YouTuber. I’m working on a poetry collection. The first draft of my first novel is almost done. I’m working in retail and I’m dying to travel more, see more, live more!

This wasn’t how I pictured my life would be at all. Some days that thought happens to get me a bit worried, but most days I enjoy life for what it has offered me so far. How I’ve come to be the person that I am today. And even though I haven’t reached all of the goals I set for my self as a little girl, I’ve already accomplished a lot.

I love the fact that my wanderlust just grows and grows. A lot of the things I thought would be important to me when I was younger, I’ve come to learn aren’t important at all. And some of the things that I never thought I’d care for, has become solid foundations in my life.

But there is one thing that has never changed, and I can say with damn certainty it never will, that is my passion for writing. I found it when I was so young that I can’t even remember it. I’ve been chasing it, and living it ever since. Writing and writing and writing! And I’m just as much a writer as everyone else who loves to write.

Fall Out Boy together with Elton John has a wonderful song (one of my absolute favorites) and in that song there’s a line that always gives me goosebumps:

"You are what you love, not who loves you!"

I love that line! And I find it to be so true that it sometimes hurt just thinking about it. We let ourselves be defined so easily by other people’s idea of who we ought to be. I know way to many who have given up their dreams for more sensible and safe options, and they almost always feel like there’s something missing. But HEY, that’s what growing up is all about, right? To that I say HELL NO!

I know my passion, my dreams! It has evolved over the years, for sure. Making videos for a passion in addition to writing just grew organically, and now they go hand in hand. Every single day I practice gratitude. And one of the things that I’m just as grateful for, every single day, is the fact that I still have that spirit of the dreaming child that was me so many years ago!

I look at my son now and I hope that he never loses it either. I see the sparkle in his eyes when he dances, or when he creates something, and I always promise myself that I will go down, kicking and screaming, for his right to have his dreams, to chase them, and to live them!

I will try my very best to teach him to LIVE A GREAT STORY, just as I am teaching and reminding myself to do the same, every single day!


Don’t ever forget that! And I will be here to remind you of it, for as long as I can!


IMG_1596 2

I’m a LIVE Ambassador!

In my post The Story of My New Tattoo I briefly mentioned the Live A Great Story Community and that I’d become a LIVE Ambassador. If you want the story of my tattoo and how I came to know the Live A Great Story community then I would recommend you read that post first and then head on back here 😊

I’ve always believed that all things happen for a reason, and I find it to be so amazing that what started out as just a sentence that popped into my head, turned into my wall decor and then a tattoo, was something that lead me to this community of so many creative and wonderful people all around the world! I don’t think this was a coincidence! Some things are just meant to be, and I believe that I was meant to end up on this path and to find this amazingly inspiring journey.


So, what does it mean to be a LIVE Ambassador? 

Being a LIVE Ambassador means that you are part of a community of awesome creative and hardworking people! It means that you are focused on living a great story, and you want to inspire others to do the same! Weekly challenges! And a whole lot of love!

I’m super excited about the next three months of the Season 3 Ambassador Program that I’m a part of, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

If you’re interested in reading more about the Live A Great Story community, you can do so HERE ✌🏻

And if you think that being a LIVE Ambassador might be something for you, then I’m happy to tell you that Season 4 Applications are open now! You can find out more and apply here!Lots more to come! Talk to you soon Lovelies! 


The Story of My New Tattoo


In my last post I published a video where I had a timelapse of me getting my new tattoo in Madrid. And now I want to share the thoughts and the story behind this very new ink that I’ve added to my body.

But first I want to shout out to Tattoo Magic Calle Colon for making such an amazing piece! I love it to bits and it’s just what I wanted. If you’re ever in Madrid, looking for a place to get inked, I would highly recommend that you check them out!

Now let me tell you how the idea came to life. Well firstly, my relationship to traditional style tattoos and the colors that I’m going for these days, started with the tattoo that my sister and I got in Las Vegas. We got a set of matching birds that says “big sis” and “lil sis” on them. I love that tattoo so much. Every time I look down and see it, I’m reminded of how much I love my sister and how much fun we had on that trip. The colors and the style just felt very me, instantly! And the idea of getting tattoos as souvenirs was born.


Almost two years would pass before I got a new inked souvenir. This one I got when I went to Texas. I wanted an anchor with flowers, and these are both symbols that represent my dad. He’s a sailor at heart, and him and I used to live on a boat when I was a kid. He has that hard shell of a sailor, but he’s also the softest, most creative and romantic person I know.


Now my latest addition to the collection represents the journey I’ve been on for the last two years or so, and is also a reminder for me to strive to do the things that I love.

When I became single again about two years ago, I really discovered myself anew. It was an interesting process, and one that I needed to go through. I learned to love myself in a whole new way. I started to take care of my body in new ways. I made lists and plans for what I wanted to do, just for me. And I started to truly put my focus into my creative work. I wrote more, made more videos, and then I started to travel more. Not long trips (because I don’t have the money for that just yet), but new adventures none the less.

I realised that if I wanted to be the kind of writer that I aspire to be, I have to tell great stories. I can’t write great stories unless I live a great story.

I’m not sure how that sentence came to me, but I ended up writing it on the wall in my living room, just so that I would be reminded of it every single day. And then when the opportunity to travel to Madrid with work came along, the idea of getting my next souvenir was pretty clear. I knew I wanted the text because of what it has meant to me so far. How it defines the life that I want to lead. I also wanted the globe, because one of the things that I’ve discovered the last two years is my love for traveling alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel with people as well, but there’s something very special about going on adventures by yourself. Part of wanting to Live a Great Story, is to expand my own mind. One of the best ways for me to do that is to travel to new places, get new impulses and see new faces. Get to know people along the way. I love it so much that sometimes I struggle to find the words to say how important it has become for my wellbeing.

So I got the tattoo, and it is now a wonderful reminder of where I’m headed as well as where I’ve been. And then my tattoo ended up sending me on a new journey. There’s a wonderful community of people that aspire to Live a Great Story! And through Instagram they discovered my tattoo and my story. And now I can proudly say that I’m a season 3 LIVE Ambassador for Live a Great Story! I will share more about this in another post soon!

I’m very excited about 2018, and I have to say that it has come off to a great start already!

I hope all of you had a good start to 2018 too!

Talk to you soon lovelies!