AMA and Whisky Tasting

I’m doing an AMA and Whisky/Whiskey Tasting Live stream tonight at 10.30 pm (Norwegian time)

Hope I’ll see you there! 

Click on the link below to go to the live stream and set your reminder:

1000 Subscribers Q&A Livestream Tonight!

After a very relaxed weekend, I’m doing a 1000 Subscribers Q&A Livestream tonight Sunday January 21st, at 10pm (Norwegian time) 💛

I will open a bottle of bubblies and then just spend some time with you guys and answer some questions!

Hope to see you there! 🍾🥂


Click on the picture above or HERE to go to the Livestream and set your reminder! 

We did our first livestream EVER!

I’ve been curious about livestreaming on YouTube for a while now, and then when I visited a fellow YouTuber here on Saturday we ended up just jumping into it!

Nothing made ready, but was meant just as a trial run. We expected it to last for about 5 minutes and we ended up sitting there for an hour! It was a very interesting and new way to interact, and I look forward to trying it again soon!

If you want to take a peak into the livestream that I did with Leif Nygaard, you can see it here:

Loving our newbie awkwardness! Haha!

Big thank you to Leif for having me on his channel, and I look forward to the next one!