I’m So Sorry!

I know I talk to you all the time, and we share everything. But sometimes, there are things that I forget to tell you, and things I forget to do.

I don’t tell you that you’re beautiful every day…

I should! Because you are, even when you don’t think so. Even when you don’t feel like you are. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently!

I don’t give you enough credit for all the hard work you do…

I know you work your ass off, and try to fit more hours in a day, even though you know you can’t. You’re a powerhouse of creativity, and all your hard work is going to pay off soon. You’ve already noticed that things have started to change, haven’t you?

When you’re down, I don’t always offer the loving words that you need to hear…

Which is a shame, because it is in those moments that you truly need me to say them. In many ways, I’m the only one you need to hear them from. Sometimes, those words are all that matters.

Sometimes I forget to give you space…

I know I can be demanding and sometimes I encourage you to do things, even when you don’t really have the energy to. I will try harder to remember that you need time to breathe and to relax.

I even put the whole world on your shoulder from time to time…

I will try not to. No one is strong enough to hold it all at once, not even you!

Truth be told, I don’t always believe in you…

That’s utter bullshit, and I’m so sorry! You’ve proven me wrong, over and over.

I scare you sometimes…

From time to time, I forget how fragile you can be. I forget to handle you with care in those moments. I tell you stories that has yet to come, and I can sense that they scare you out your mind sometimes. I really shouldn’t do that. Together we should prepare ourselves for likely outcomes, not be terrified of unlikely maybes.

I don’t tell you that I love you…

As often as I should!

This is the one thing that I regret the most, and I offer my sincere apology for that awful mistake. I will never be perfect, and there will be more apologies in the future, but never doubt my love for you!

Because I will always love you, even when it doesn’t seem like I do.

– Self Love 




Write a Love Letter to Yourself!

Eight months ago I watched a video by SoulPancake on YouTube (you can see the video at the bottom of this post) where they challenged people to write themselves a love letter and then read it out loud. I thought it was an amazingly good challenge and I’ve tried to do that myself a couple of times but had difficulty finding the right words. So I saved it on my to-do list and forgot it for some time.

Today it jumped back into my mind and I suddenly felt like I was ready to take the challenge and to share it with you guys 🙂


Dear Me


We have been through quite a lot together for the past 26 (soon to be 27) years. There have been moments where I didn’t like you that much, but as we have gotten older and we got to know each other in new ways I have grown to love you for who you are and mostly for who you have potential to become.

I don’t support all the choices you’ve made in life. Some of them were really stupid and selfish but there is no point in lingering in the past is there?

I’ve forgiven you for your mistakes but will remind you of them from time to time so that you don’t make the same ones again.

Your passion for writing was always known to me. Sometimes I think you lost sight of your goals and gave up. Pushed it under the rug and ignored it. Now I see that you’re working hard to get there. To achieve your dreams even though you feel the weight of the world a little too much at times.

I worry that you worry too much. I guess you have to teach yourself to let go more often. I will do my best to help you with that.

You’re a good mother even though I know you have your doubts from time to time. Don’t ever forget how your son tells you that he loves you! No words are truer than those.

Take good care of your friends, I know how much you love them so don’t forget to tell them that as often as you can.

I love your positive outlook on life. Let them call you naïve and brush those words away. A smile looks better on your face than a frown any day.


I promise to love you, to challenge you and to take good care of you.





Now I challenge you to do the same!

Thank you for reading!