Is the Book Better?

Last week I took myself on a dinner and a movie date and I ended up going to the movies to see “Call Me by Your Name”, and it was one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time! I bawled my eyes out and ended up crying for hours afterward.

I love it when movies can have such an emotional impact, and whenever I see the words “based on the novel by ….” then I immediately want to find out if the book is better, which it usually is.

So as soon as my eyes were able to do anything other than weeping, I got on BookDepository and ordered myself a copy of Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman.

I can’t wait to dive into it and give you guys a review and book to movie comparison.

I fell in love with the movie, so if the book is even better than we are looking at a potential long-term literary relationship!


My New Favorite Movie

I don’t often talk about movies on this blog, when I’ve happened to watch the same movie about 10-15 times in about a month then I think it’s worth being mentioned.

I very randomly discovered this movie on Viaplay a couple of months ago. The first time I watched it I didn’t really expect to be hit with all the feels, but laughter and tears came and a new favorite was born.

This is a movie that is so quirky, heartwarming and different. I just fell utterly in love with it and we haven’t broken up yet.


Let’s jump into the trailer for What If (The F Word):

I guess one of the things that made me randomly choose this movie to watch (never having heard of it beforehand) was Daniel Radcliffe. I hadn’t seen him in any other movies than Harry Potter and I was very curious to see what kind of actor he was when the lightning scar was out of the picture. And I thought he did it brilliantly in this! The cast is amazing, the story spot on and dialogue between the characters are just brilliant!!


It really does have an honest touch on the subject of the possibilities of platonic relationships in a very funny and unique way.

It’s just such an amazing story that grabbed a hold of me from the start and it’s hard to really explain what it is that makes me fangirl all over it, but I have no regrets.

Let me know if you have any thoughts around this movie, I’d love to hear and discuss it!

So now I’m leaving you guys to (yet again) press play on tape and I’ll talk to you later!


The Hangover Part III

I had the opportunity to go to the pre-premiere of the last of the Hangover movies together with Simon and other colleagues. 

And when I read the newspaper this morning I got kind of pissed. The journalist that had written a review of the movie totally slaughtered the movie. He wrote that unless you were 16 you’d get more out of staying at home and take a couple of painkillers.
What an idiot! 


The plot summary of the movie:

In the aftermath of the death of Alan’s father, the wolfpack decide to take Alan to get treated for his mental issues. But things start to go wrong on the way to the hospital as the wolfpack is assaulted and Doug is kidnapped. Now they must find Mr. Chow again in order to surrender him to the gangster who kidnapped Doug in order to save him.


The Hangover movies aren’t meant to be deep and profound,  they’re supposed to make you laug and to wanna scream “oh no! He did not just so that??” With a smile on your face. And the movie does just that. Not as often as in the first movie, but that I didn’t expect either. I was entertained, I laughed, I was embarrassed and I enjoyed it. From time to time it’s good to watch a little easy entertainment! 

So with a roll of the dice and not ruin the fun moments for you all I give it a four!


It’s as easy as this:
if you liked the two previous movies then you’re going to enjoy this one as well!

And if you didn’t like the previous movies then you don’t need to go and see this one!

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you thought of the movie!